Seraphim icon experimental generic Seraphim Experimental Assault Bot: Ythotha[e]
XSL0401 build btn
A two-stage weapon. In its initial form, it fires an extremely destructive Phason laser. When the primary unit is destroyed, it unleashes a ferocious Quantum energy being.
Build Costs Energy icon -250000
Mass icon -20000
Time icon 15000
Max Health Health icon 67000 (+20/sec)
Speed 2.5 (Amphibious)
Veterancy Seraphim veteran icon Kills icon 25 ( Health icon +15/s)
Intel (Radius) Vision: 50
Direct Fire Experimental - Projectile
DPS 1600
Projectile  Damage
Damage radius
Reload time 5 seconds
Range (min - max) 4 - 45
Direct Fire - Projectile
DPS 1650
Projectile  Damage
Rate of Fire
3 Projectiles/s
Range 45
Direct Fire Experimental - Projectile
DPS 360
Projectile  Damage
Damage radius
Reload time 3.3 seconds
Range 45
Anti Air - Projectile
DPS 75
Projectile  Damage
Damage radius
Salvo Size
Reload time
3 Projectiles (in 0.6 s)
1 seconds
Range 45
Damage radius

The Seraphim T4 Experimental Assault Bot nicknamed Ythotha is similar to the Aeon's Galactic Colossus. It has less HP, but is much more heavily armed. When the Ythotha is destroyed, it releases the Unidentified Residual Energy Signature: Othuy.

This experimental, when used properly, is capable of defeating a Fatboy, a Monkeylord, and a Galactic Colossus in a one-on-one combat between the two, or at least bringing the battle to a draw, and is the cheapest of all of these, except for the Monkeylord. The Ythotha also can almost, but not completely, destroy a Megalith in a one-on-one battle if the megalith is on land. Hence, there is no excuse for not building this experimental, except for a low economy. When released, this assault bot is almost unstopabble. Experienced players will do whatever they can to stop it, while new players will most likely cower and run. Use intimidation as an advantage.

Ythotha Edit

The Ythotha doesn't have a single powerful weapon like the Galactic Colossus' Phason Laser, of DPS 2500, however, all 3 of its main weapons combined, it easily out-damages the Galactic Colossus, with a combined DPS of 3610, and an impressive initial shot damage of 8000. Unfortunately, a large portion of its DPS comes from its Unstable Phason Beam Generator. The projectile is very slow often making it useless when engaging many smaller units, as the other faster weapons will destroy it long before the projectile reaches it's target, it is best utilized against more powerful units, like Experimentals, giving the projectile time do its damage. In the role of countering other experimental units, the Ythotha excels. Overall, the Ythotha is much more prone to having wasted DPS than the Galactic Colossus (which uses a rapid-firing beam which can quickly and flexibly switch between targets, in comparison to the mix of weapons of the Ythotha) and thus is a poorer choice for quickly leveling a base or group of non-experimental units, unless you count its release of an Othuy upon it's death, which can cause severe damage to non-experimental units and low-tier buildings.

The Ythotha is the first form of the Experimental Assault Bot. When it is destroyed, it unleashes an Othuy, a quantum energy being.

The Ythotha has a lot less health than the Colossus (only 67000) but makes up for it in weaponry. It has, aside from the main laser, a Gatling Plasma Cannon, a Heavy Sinn Unthe Cannon and 2 Olaris AA Artillery Cannons. Much like the Colossus it is amphibious and has no weaponry against subs. It has a sliver of anti-air weaponry, but it is barely as effective as the Ia-istle mobile gun and largely ineffectual against planes. Its AA is exceptionally weak due to the fact that it has a poor turret position and fires slow-moving shots which can be easily avoided by many aircraft, and so cannot be depended upon to shoot down a lowly Air scout, let alone any combat planes. If by chance its AA cannons do hit, they possess a slight area of effect. Even compared to regular mobile Seraphim "Flak" cannons, or even T1 AA, this AA is horrible and it might as well not exist – an escort of Iashavoh flak or ASFs on standby is much preferred. It is disabled while underwater.

It is worth noting that, like its Colossus cousin, it completely lacks any self-defensive ability when underwater, making it vulnerable to massed torpedo attacks. Its increased height and lower weaponry make it less viable on maps with low water, as it will only fire its eye, reducing affective dps severely and making it more prone to surface fire.

Othuy Edit

When the Ythotha is destroyed, it releases the Unidentified Residual Energy Signature: Othuy. It is essentially a big ball of lightning that destroys or severely damages everything in its firing radius. It is untargetable and indestructible, but disappears after 30 seconds or so. The Othuy can also damage friendly units, so avoid allowing Ythothas to be destroyed inside your base, and have an assaulting Ythotha's escort scatter after destruction. It is extremely important to note that the Othuy cannot spawn from a destroyed Ythotha if the Ythotha dies due to being reclaimed at the moment of death. The Ythotha will also not fall to the ground, and will die in the pose it was in when its HP reached 0. For more information on the Othuy, please see the Seraphim Unidentified Residual Energy Signature article.

A Self-Sufficient WarriorEdit

Although it is generally not a good idea to send a Fatboy, Monkeylord or sometimes a GC alone against a heavily fortified base, you should not feel as reluctant to send a Ythotha by itself against a heavily-fortified position, except where there are experimental units, Ravagers, heavy/numerous air-to-ground units (such as heavy gunships or 30+ attack bombers), or fully-upgraded SCUs guarding the base. The Ythotha has some of the best veterancy, regenerating its health anywhere from 20 to 95 HP/sec, and the Ythotha requires only 25 kills to reach the next level of veterancy. So, not only does the Ythotha's high-end weaponry and huge damage radius make it easy to kill mass of structures and units at once, but it helps to increase its veterancy dramatically and quickly. Furthermore, should the Ythotha fail to completely penetrate a defense line or destroy a base, the Othuy will usually take care of the rest. So if you are successful in getting your Ythotha into the heart of your opponents base before it is destroyed, the Othuy will take over and wreck your opponents base like a tornado in a city. All in all, you will probably end up doing much more damage total than a Monkeylord or a GC could have by attempting the same move.

Of course, escorts and extra Ythothas help, but sending a Ythotha by itself will do quite a bit for you if the need arises, and allow you to focus your resources for other purposes.

One thing to keep in mind though is that unlike the GC, the Ythotha lacks Omni sensors, and so it can be attacked with impunity by cloaked units (like the Cybran ACU), unless it is fighting within the range of other friendly Omni sensors.

Further Tips--Maximizing the Ythotha's potential against Experimental UnitsEdit

When facing experimentals, it is worth repeating over and over that shield generators are a great help. Athanahs, mobile shield generators, are worth the cost, especially since they hover. Five or more of these generators is enough to help you defeat a Megalith with your Ythotha.

Although a Ythotha can directly defeat any land experimental except for the Megalith, it's not a 100% gurantee if you just throw your Ythotha at the experimental unit. This is mostly because many of the Ythotha's weapons cease firing when it changes direction. But even if you do succeed in winning by just letting the Ythotha walk all on its own, it can result in major damage. When facing a Galactic Colossus or a Monkeylord don't move toward it... Just use the attack command so that the Ythotha will stop moving once in range of the aforementioned experimental unit. With a greater range, you gain at least a few seconds of free damage. If one of these experimentals starts coming toward you, don't run, as this will cause your weapons to stop firing. In fact, if the experimental unit starts moving towards you, the best thing to do is to move towards it as well, so that the Othuy can finish the unit off if need be, if you have access to UEF Tech, you can also use T2 Engineering stations to reclaim both dead experimentals without taking any damage from the Othuy.

With a Megalith, you unfortunately have to move towards the unit. Change direction only when necessary... If the Megalith starts running away, wait until it is almost out of range before turning, therefore insuring that you get the maximum potiential of your weapons before they stop firing. Since the Megalith is a slower unit, it won't be able to simply move out of range. You also have to move towards a Fatboy, but be sure to kite. Once you are decently in range, stop and let the weapons take over. You should only move towards a fatboy if it is getting away, because its gauss cannons are more accurate when you are up close. (The exception is if you know for sure you are going to lose the Ythotha no matter what, in which case closing in will give you a chance to use the Othuy.) But the fatboy's low HP, low speed and lack of DPS (since Gauss cannons can be inaccurate) will almost guarantee that you win the fight.


An Idle Ythotha

Ythotha destroying tank

A Ythotha destroying an enemy tank


An Othuy above a destroyed Ythotha

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