Seraphim icon commander generic Seraphim Armored Command Unit[e]
XSL0001 build btn
Houses Commander. Combination barracks and command center. Contains all the blueprints necessary to build a basic army from scratch.
Build Costs Energy icon -5000000
Mass icon -18000
Time icon 60000
Storage Energy icon 4000
Mass icon 650
Production Energy icon 10
Mass icon 1
Build Rate
Build Rate 2
Build Rate 3
Time icon10/s
Time icon30/s
Time icon90/s
Max Health Health icon 11500 (+10/sec)
Speed 1.7 (Amphibious)
Veterancy Seraphim veteran icon Kills icon 20 ( Health icon +3/s)
Intel (Radius) Vision: 26
Water Vision: 26
Omni: 26
Direct Fire - Projectile
DPS 100
Projectile  Damage
Reload time 1 seconds
Range (min - max) 2 - 22
Direct Fire - Projectile
Projectile  Damage
Damage radius
Range (min - max) 2 - 22
Nuke Inner Damge: 3500
Inner radius: 30
Outer Damage: 500
Outer Radius: 40
Missile - Tactical Missile
Missile  Damage
Damage radius
Range (min - max) 5 - 256
Missile cost Energy icon -3600 (-120/s)
Mass icon -180 (-6/s)
Time icon 300 (0:30s)

Seraphim ACU

The Seraphim Armored Command Unit is a Seraphim command unit. Its Chronotron Cannon is the most effective amongst any faction's ACU weaponry against Ground-based units.

Factional differences Edit

The Seraphim ACU has more upgrades than that of the other factions, as well as more cumulative upgrades. It is the only ACU to have an Enhanced Nano-Repair System and the unique Restoration Field as well as its upgrade, the Rapid Restoration Field, but lacks shield upgrades.

Also, unlike the other faction's ACUs, when fully battle upgraded the Seraphim ACU can hold its own on the battlefield, even against experimental units to a lesser extent. (35000 HP, 150~200 HP/s regeneration, 800 DPS Chronotron Cannon plus overcharge and area of effect). The UEF fully battle ready ACU is more defense and mobile shield oriented, while the Cybran version is dangerously all-out offensive.

A Seraphim battle ACU escorted by battle SACUs is especially dangerous: not only do the SACU's 75000 Max HP make them near unstoppable, but they also have a Light Chronotron Overcharge Cannon. A group of 4 can destroy experimental units in just one to two volleys, fast enough to prevent major damage. This combined with a Ythotha is potentially a game ender: while the Ythotha is the main damage dealer for destroying buildings, waves of enemies, or otherwise crushing units, the ACU/SACU combo can deal with any other experimental unit threatening the Ythotha.

Upgrades Edit

Back upgrades Edit

Resource Allocation System
Increases ACU's resource generation.
Energy icon150000 Mass icon5000 Time icon1000

Increases the resources the ACU produces to 3000 Energy and 16 Mass. Can be further upgraded to the Advanced Resource Allocation System.

Advanced Resource Allocation System
Requires Resource Allocation System. Further increases ACU's resource generation.
Energy icon150000 Mass icon5000 Time icon1000

Requires the Resource Allocation System. This upgrade provides exactly the same effect as the previous upgrade, effectively doubling the ACU's already high production capabilities. Any player who chooses to install the Resource Allocation System should upgrade to the advanced version as soon as possible, as there is no downside to doing so.

Nano-Repair System
Increases the speed at which the ACU repairs itself. Also increases hit points.
Energy icon90000 Mass icon2000 Time icon2000

Gives the ACU an additional 75 HP/s regeneration rate, as well as a 6000 HP bonus. Can be further upgraded to the Enhanced Nano-Repair System

Enhanced Nano-Repair System
Further increases the speed at which the ACU repairs itself. Also increases hitpoints.
Energy icon450000 Mass icon4500 Time icon3000

Gives the ACU an additional 150 HP/s regeneration rate, as well as a 20000 HP bonus. These do not stack with the previous Nano-Repair System.

Tactical Missile Launcher
Mounts a tactical cruise missile launcher onto the back of the ACU.
Energy icon50000 Mass icon1000 Time icon1000

Gives the ACU a Laanse Tactical Missile Launcher. This weapon is similar to the T2 Tactical Missile Launcher: "Ythis", however the missiles have a slightly larger damage radius (larger than any other tactical missiles in the game). It does cost less to build the weapon, but not the missiles. The missiles have a lower time cost, but the ACU has a lower initial build rate, effectively canceling each other out. The ACU can be more easily assisted though, and an ACU with a Tech 2 Engineering Suite can build a missile in 5 seconds.

Personal Teleporter
Adds teleporter. Requires considerable Energy to activate.
Energy icon1500000 Mass icon15000 Time icon3000

This upgrade allows the ACU to teleport across a map, no matter the distance. This upgrade costs massive amounts of energy, but very little time, as such, activating this upgrade will almost guarantee you will have an Energy crash. Teleportation requires a tremendous amount of energy to perform (10000/s, for 30 seconds) and, as such, should only be done in the late game.

Left arm upgrades Edit

Refracting Chronotron Amplifier
Increases the damage inflicted by ACU's primary weapon. Adds area-of-effect damage.
Energy icon300000 Mass icon4500 Time icon3000

Increases the Chronotron Cannon's damage by 300, effectively quadrupling its damage output. Also adds a light area of effect of radius 2.

Tech 2 Engineering Suite
Expands the number of available schematics and increases the ACU's build speed and maximum health.
Energy icon18000 Mass icon720 Time icon900

This upgrade gives the ACU tech 2 construction capabilities, as well as a new build speed of 30. It also boosts the ACU's HP by 3000. Can be upgraded to Tech 3 Engineering Suite.

Tech 3 Engineering Suite
Replaces the Tech 2 Engineering Suite. Expands the number of available schematics and further increases the ACU's build speed and maximum health.
Energy icon50000 Mass icon2400 Time icon6000

This upgrade gives the ACU tech 3 construction capabilities, as well as a new build speed of 90. Requires the Tech 2 Engineering Suite pre-installed. It also boosts the ACU's HP by 4000 (already counting the previous 3000).

Right arm upgrades Edit

Chronotron Accelerator
Increases main cannon's rate of fire and range. Also increases range of Overcharge.
Energy icon24000 Mass icon800 Time icon800

Doubles the Chronotron Cannon's rate of fire, effectively doubling its damage output. It also increases the weapon's range to 30 (an increase of about 50%), giving the ACU a reach longer than its line of sight.

Restoration Field
Automatically speeds up the repair speed of nearby units.
Energy icon4500 Mass icon600 Time icon600

Grants nearby units (radius of 15, about 2/3 of the ACU's vision/Omni radius, including the ACU itself) a HP regeneration bonus of 0.55%MaxHP/s to any nearby unit, up to a maximum of 75HP/s. Can be upgraded to the Rapid Restoration Field.

Rapid Restoration Field
Further speeds up the repair speed of nearby units. Increases maximum health of nearby units.
Energy icon31250 Mass icon1500 Time icon1250

An upgrade to the Restoration Field. Grants nearby units (radius of 25, about the ACU's vision/Omni radius) a HP regeneration of 1.1%MaxHP/s, up to a maximum of 200. It also grants nearby units an HP boost of 10%. There some minor non-game breaking glitches involved with this upgrade: Any unit which leaves the ACU's area of effect will keep the 10% HP boost, but will lose it on its first hit, in addition to losing HP equivalent to the power of the shot the unit got hit with.

Please note that using the Restoration Fields by themselves give the Seraphim player an unfair advantage, especially at the beginning of the game. This is the fault of the game, not the player. If you wish to use the Restoration Field and/or the Rapid-Restoration Field, see the following article: How to use the Seraphim Restoration Field upgrades without causing game imbalance


When the UEF first battled the Seraphim on Seraphim II, the Seraphim were vastly superior in technology and numbers, meaning they could build better units for better costs and have better economy structures. However, they had not encountered or thought of the concept of an ACU, thus they either piloted manually or had disorganized automated units. The Seraphim learned from this example and quickly designed ACUs of their own, which were surprisingly similar in concept to their human counterparts.

A strange fact is that during the campaign, during certain missions, when Seraphim ACUs were destroyed, they emitted a bright purple then white explosion almost exactly like Aeon ACUs, whereas in multiplayer and skirmish they emit a blue blossom explosion, matching the color and appearance of their anti-air weaponry. This is likely because GPGnet couldn't come up with an original design before the deadline of the release, and updated only the multiplayer and skirmish options.

Seraphim ACU Cinematic

Seraphim ACU about to fire in Cinematic Intro.

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