UEF Samantha Clarke

General Samantha Clarke

Samantha Clarke was a general and was the highest ranking military officer in the United Earth Federation.


Name: Samantha Clarke
Rank: General
Age: 49
Faction: United Earth Federation
Status: Deceased 


The daughter of Stephen Clarke, acknowledged hero of the battle of Nova Prime, General Samantha Clarke made a binding offer to join the United Earth Federation military at age 16 and enlisted on her 18th birthday. Early service records indicate Clarke volunteered for the least-attractive duties, demonstrating that she was determined to succeed without trading on her father's name.

As one of the youngest Commanders in UEF history, Clarke fought in campaigns that stretched across numerous systems. Medical logs indicate that she was injured during the bitterly contested, nine-month battle for Scorpii 18; she was one of the few survivors to emerge from that conflict.

UEF security systems record two assassinations attempts against Clarke, both of which were initiated by the Cybran Nation. Both attempts met with failure and the capture of the Cybran agents involved.

General Clarke directs all aspects of the UEF's campaign from her war room on Earth.

During the course of the Infinite War she believes Colonel Zachary Arnold to be killed in Operation Metal Shark (UEF Canon Storyline) But it is later revealed in the last mission that he has defected to the Aeon Illuminate, and Clarke orders the player to eliminate him.

In Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance, two years after the Seraphim occupation of Earth, she led a failed defense of a transport ship on the human planet Capella. She was destroyed by a Seraphim ACU before her recall was accomplished, the resulting core meltdown of her ACU destroying much of the surrounding area.

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