SAM stands for Surface to Air Missile. SAMs are fast-travelling and highly accurate defenses, great for shooting down faster moving aircraft. While not seen as often as Flak, SAMs are essential for killing T3 air such as strategic bombers in order to stop their attacks.

Defence buildings
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SAM defences are built at tech level 3 in Supreme Commander, either by an upgraded Commander, a Support Commander or T3 engineer.

There are four SAM launchers in Supreme Commander:

The Forged Alliance expansion added a fourth defence launcher, belonging to the Seraphim faction:

Unlike other factions' T3 static anti air, Seraphim use a high damage, high velocity projectile rather than tracking missiles.


SAMs are rarely built at sea, despite being aquatic. This is because SAMs are equipped on Aeon and UEF Cruisers, and a variant is aboard the Cybran Siren Class also. Certain aircraft carriers, such as the Aeon Keefer and UEF Experimental Aircraft Carrier Atlantis carry them as their AA defence .

There are SAM-like launchers installed on individual units, such as the Cybran Experimental Spiderbot Monkeylord.

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