GPGNet tracks a rating for every player. Players may choose to play ranked games, which are arranged by the GPGNet servers. It matches players whose ratings differ by 250 points or less and then starts a ranked game. The result of the ranked game affects the ratings of the players that participated.

GPGNet uses the Elo Rating System. This is the same system used for chess ratings, but with a K factor of 32; this means that the maximum number of points a player can win or lose in a game is 32 points. The Elo System benefits low-ranking players who beat high-ranking players and is designed to compare your performance to your expected performance and determine points from there.

Chat Icons Edit

In the chat system in GPGNet there are icons to the left of players' names.

Until a recent update, the icons depend mostly on the player's rating. Now the icons are awarded as players achieve certain milestones, such as number of wins or number of times playing a faction. Below are the old icons.

Condition Icon
Completed 1 ranked game OneStarRank
1800+ rating TwoStarsRank
2000+ rating ThreeStarsRank
2200+ rating ThreeGoldStarsRank
2400+ rating TrophyRank
Former Rank 1 FormerCommanderRank
Rank 1 CommanderRank
Beta Champion BetaChampionRank
GPG Employee GPGRank

The only player with the Beta Champion icon is prepare. The Rank 1 and former Rank 1 icons apply to both the 1v1 and 2v2 ladders.

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