Icon structure1 intel T1 Radar Systems[e]
UEB3101 build btn URB3101 build btn UAB3101 build btn XSB3101 build btn
Radar System
Build Costs Energy icon -720
Mass icon -80
Time icon 80
Energy icon -20
Build Rate
Time icon10/s
Max Health Health icon 10
Intel (Radius) Vision: 20
Radar: 115
Icon structure2 intel T2 Radar Systems[e]
UEB3201 build btn URB3201 build btn UAB3201 build btn XSB3201 build btn
Radar System
Build Costs Energy icon -3600
Mass icon -180
Time icon 600
Energy icon -250
Build Rate
Time icon15/s
Max Health Health icon 50
Intel (Radius) Vision: 25
Radar: 200
Icon structure3 intel T3 Sensor Arrays[e]
UEB3104 build btn URB3104 build btn UAB3104 build btn XSB3104 build btn
Sensor Array
Build Costs Energy icon -30000
Mass icon -2400
Time icon 1800
Energy icon -2000
Max Health Health icon 100
Intel (Radius) Vision: 30
Radar: 600
Omni: 200

Land Based RadarEdit

  • T1 Land Scout: Range of 45
  • T1 Stationary Radar: Range of 115, drain of 20 Energy
  • T2 Stationary Radar: Range of 200, drain of 250 Energy
  • T3 Stationary Radar: Range of 600, Omni (radar, sonar, sees through cloak) Range of 200, Energy Drain of 2000

Air Based RadarEdit

NB : T1 Air Scouts are not equipped with radar, though they boast a wide direct vision range (42).

Sea Based RadarEdit


Radar is one of the Intelligence types. Only specific units have radar, including T3 air scouts, T1 land scouts, immobile Radar structures, as well as most Naval units. Radar can determine location of opposing units, as well as orientation (structure or mobile unit) and terrain status (over water, over land, or flying).

Any units with Stealth cannot be detected by Radar.

Radar Jamming reduces the effectiveness of radar by producing confusing fake signals, but does not eliminate its effect.

Due to its small size, a radar installation is the best structure in the game to take advantage of Adjacency bonuses. By building only 4 T1 power plants around a radar you can reduce its operational costs by 25%, which saves you 500 energy when you upgrade it to T3. If you build it adjacent to a Hydrocarbon Power Plant before building 3 more T1 power plants you can save even more.

SCFrame Tue Jul 20 101500 2010 00005

Aeon T1 Radar, T2 Radar, and T3 Omni

Magno and Hydrocarbon

A Magno next to a Hydrocarbon Power Plant.

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