Icon structure1 energy T1 Power Generators
UEB1101 build btn URB1101 build btn UAB1101 build btn XSB1101 build btn
f  s  e
  Power Generator
Build Costs Energy icon -750
Mass icon -75
Time icon 125
Production Energy icon 20
Max Health Health icon 600
Damage radius
Icon structure2 energy T2 Power Generators
UEB1201 build btn URB1201 build btn UAB1201 build btn XSB1201 build btn
f  s  e
  Power Generator
Build Costs Energy icon -12000
Mass icon -1200
Time icon 2000
Production Energy icon 500
Max Health Health icon 2160
Intel (Radius) Vision: 20
Damage radius
Icon structure3 energy T3 Power Generators
UEB1301 build btn URB1301 build btn UAB1301 build btn XSB1301 build btn
f  s  e
  Power Generator
Build Costs Energy icon -57600
Mass icon -3240
Time icon 5400
Production Energy icon 2500
Max Health Health icon 9720
Intel (Radius) Vision: 20
Damage radius
Icon structure1 energy T1 Hydrocarbon Power Plants
UEB1102 build btn URB1102 build btn UAB1102 build btn XSB1102 build btn
f  s  e
  Hydrocarbon Power Plant
Build Costs Energy icon -800
Mass icon -160
Time icon 400
Production Energy icon 100
Max Health Health icon 1600

Power generators are buildings that generate Energy. They cost nothing to maintain and, except for Hydrocarbon power plants, can be built anywhere. The Hydrocarbon power plant can only be built on hydrocarbon deposits. There are four generators for every faction: Tech 1, Tech 2, Tech 3 power generators, and the hydrocarbon power plants. All power generators explode on death, damaging all units in their surrounding. If one or two Tech 1 power generators around a factory explode, they will most likely start a chain reaction destroying other power generators within the vicinity and possibly a factory. Tech 2 and especially Tech 3 power generators have a much higher death explosion so therefore if you construct a power base, if one goes up in smoke, most likely at least half of your power base will do the same. Defend your power generators well! Hydrocarbon power plants do not explode on death.


Power generators can be built by engineers and command units. The power generator's production can be increased by placing energy storages around them. A power generator surrounded by energy storage produces an extra 50% Energy. Placing a power generator next to a power consuming building will lower its consumption. In particular, factories are often surrounded by T1 power generators, and T2/T3 shields are usually placed next to a T2 power generator. Most players estimate it is better to use a power plant's adjacency to lower the production costs of another building, than to surround it with energy storage. See the Energy Storage's page for a discussion on why surrounding a generator with storage is rarely economically advantageous.


All generators explode on death. Be warned!

Hydrocarbon power plants have the best cost/production ratio in the game, and should be built as fast as possible. Furthermore, the fact that they don't explode on death makes them ideal for adjacency bonuses.

Hp Costs Production Invested mass to production ratio

(lower is better)

Production to occupied space ratio

(higher is better)

Tech 1 Health icon600 Energy icon750 Mass icon75 Time icon125 Energy icon+20/s 3.75 20
Tech 2 Health icon2160 Energy icon12000 Mass icon1200 Time icon2000 Energy icon+500/s 2.4 55.5
Tech 3 Health icon9720 Energy icon57600 Mass icon3240 Time icon5400 Energy icon+2500/s 1.296 156
Hydrocarbon Health icon1600 Energy icon800 Mass icon160 Time icon400 Energy icon+100/s 1.6 11.1 / ∞ [*]

* : The space taken up by a Hydrocarbon Power Plant is nine squares but since nothing else can be built on the hydrocarbon deposit, it could be considered the power to space ratio is infinite.

Build OrderEdit

Building a power generator is expensive, especially when you are building one of a new tech level. Tech level 2 is especially expensive compared to Tech level 1, but the output is 25 times higher. You should have a stable Energy production before attempting to build a power generator of a higher Tech level, but as soon as you can, build those, and forget the lower level Tech.

Consider using the Resource Allocation System ACU upgrade instead of the T3 Power Generator. It costs less energy and cannot be destroyed, providing a secure source of energy for the rest of the game.

Factional differencesEdit

Except for the visuals, there are strictly no factional differences whatsoever in the factions' power generators, in either Normal SupCom or Forged Alliance.

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