A planet held sacred by the Aeon Illuminate because the Seraphim had once lived on Orionis.

  • Name: Orionis
  • Faction: Aeon Illuminate
  • Description: Holy Planet
    Orionis small


  • Terrain: Blackrock


Though its surface is covered in hardened lava and pocketed by countless open magma vents, Orionis is nonetheless one of the most revered planets in all of Aeon-controlled space.

Discovered in 2680, Aeon scientists initially dismissed Orionis as unsuitable for anything other than an unmanned sensor post. However, because the harsh environment created the perfect training environment, the military decided to use Orionis as a Commander proving ground and sent probes to map the world and gather geological and meteorological data. The information the probes returned resulted in the single most important discovery in the history of the Illuminate: the Seraphim had lived on Orionis. Beneath the lava, Seraphim buildings, artifacts and even technology were discovered.

Orionis was quickly deluged with Aeon scholars and priests. Even the Princess paid a visit as soon as the planet's importance was realized. Numerous technological artifacts were exhumed and temples were built around them, in order to preserve them as they had been found. Soon, several small colonies were established and Orionis became an important Aeon holy site, second only to Seraphim II. In keeping with the desire to preserve everything on the planet, it was decided that the planet's hostile atmosphere would not be terraformed; instead, ventilators would be used.

One question remained, though. It was known that the Seraphim were capable of interstellar travel, but no evidence existed, even in their home system, to prove that they had colonized other worlds. It had been long speculated that the Seraphim had been simply uninterested in galactic exploration. So why, then, were they on Orionis? This question still sparks debate among Aeon scholars and is one of the enduring mysteries of the Illuminate.

Currently, Orionis is home to several small villages and temples, which provide food and shelter to the steady stream of pilgrims and priests who come to meditate and research. Most of the technology unearthed appears to be functional, but the purpose of the technology remains a mystery. Many hope that one day these legacies of the Seraphim will be understood and that they will provide the knowledge needed to end the Infinite War.

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