• Destroy the Cybran Base
  • Capture 2 of the 4 command centers
  • Capture the Science Facility
  • Escort the Doctor to the Quantum Gate
  • Defeat the Cybran Commander
  • Construct 3 Long-Range Radar Installations
  • Protect the 3 Long-Range Radar Installations for 1:30
  • Destroy Fleeing Engineers (optional)
  • Defeat the Spiderbot
  • Destroy Brackman's Base


The following walkthrough is for hard difficulty

Once you gain control immediately construct an Air Factory and 2 T1 power plants then a T1 Mass Extractor.

When the Air factory finishes, queue up 4-5 T1 engineers and the T2 upgrade and two T2 engineers. Have your ACU continue making T1 Mass Extractors then have it make a Mass Extractor on the island to the south and east then make T1 AA turrets on the shore, but space them out (at least a gap of a single T1 turret) as they will be getting bombed.

Have your T1 engineers build two more T1 power plants then more Mass Extractors to the north and a hydrocarbon power plant, you can then send them to build T1 AA on your south shore or have them assist the Air Factory to crank out more T2 engineers.

Once you start building the engineer put the Air Factory on repeat and rally it to the south where your ACU is but make sure they go directly south as there are torpedo launchers in the water. When the first T2 engineer is complete, have your T1 engineers make a T1 radar so it covers the Cybran base, this will give your turrets extended vision to hit the bombers before they come into visual range.

Keep building T1 power plants until you aren't losing power then send them to assist the factory or patrol them to reclaim if you need mass. Have your T2 engineers build T2 AA turrets behind the T1 AA and keep building them until the bombers no longer get their payload off, then switch to T2 PD to kill off the torpedo launchers and the patrolling Cybran units (they do eventually make amphibious T2 tanks, but sometimes they only patrol their base).

When your situation is secure start your first T2 Mass Extractor and assist it with engineers, then keep doing this until all Mass Extractors are upgraded to T2 then upgrade your radar to T2.

Making sure to build T1 or T2 power plants as needed. Have about 4-5 engineers make mass storage surrounding the T2 Mass Extractors and also have engineers build T2 AA to your North and East.

When you have enough T2 engineers (16-20 is a nice number for this map) switch to T2 fighter bombers and build some land factories and another air factory and upgrade the land factories to T2. If you cannot build T2 fighter bombers, construct T1 Interceptors instead. Build some T2 PD and AA at the southwest corner then build a Naval Factory and upgrade it to T2 and start churning out cruisers, rallying them to the middle of the river between the islands.

Have your other T2 Air Factory produce gunships and Land Factories producing amphibious T2 tanks rallied to your southern island. You can build a mass farm if you like but there's plenty of free mass deposits you can snag later while waiting for your cruisers to finish off objectives. Once the Cybran base is destroyed, snag their mass deposits and Hydrocarbon power plant and build another T2 Naval Factory in the little cove south of their base and have it build Cruisers. Put your ACU into the water before capturing the command centers, there will be large waves of bombers after you capture them and you don't want it to be sniped.

Build a wall of T2 AA to the east of your southern island, and to the south of your base, this will deal with the bombers that come from the southeast and you already have defenses at the other points they come: East and north. The command centers are lightly guarded by T1 light assault bots, move your amphibious tanks in and capture 2 of them and launch your fighter bombers/interceptors to patrol around your base to the north, east and south, to deal with the wave of bombers you will get sent at you.

The Cybrans will send about 2 waves of bombers at your main base, they should all die very quickly to the T2 AA so move your cruisers to the Cybran base to the east and your amphibious tanks to the south east where the Science Facility is but don't capture it yet or it will die shortly after to Cybran gunships.

Your cruisers will make short work of the Cybran main base, you will unlock a Tactical Missile defense as well as T2 shields and artillery. The T2 artillery and Tac Missile defense are useless, he will die before he can construct a Tac Missile launcher and the cybrans don't make many tanks or any naval units, although you will have 3 experimental monkey lords to deal with, they will die to your amphibious tanks and gunships before getting into range (monkeylords have a relatively short range as it is anyway).

Build shields to cover your defensive lines and power plants, you can go to the Cybran base and take all their mass if you like, but it will come under bomber attacks from the east and north mostly and units from the south east may fly past and decide to attack, either way you need a radar there for the next set of objectives, so send some engineers and your fighter bombers over there to be ready.

When you have shields covering all your defensive lines, send your gunships to the Science Facility and capture it, after the transmission from earthcom is over, the Cybrans will send gunships to it so just kill them with your gunships then transport the truck to the Quantum Gate (it can be fiddly to trigger the objective, but putting it infront of the gate worked for me).

Send your Amphibious tanks to the Quantum gate then move the truck into position at the Quantum Gate. The next objective is to build 3 long range radars at the marked locations, do so and shield them and build lots of T2 AA to defend them, as they will come under heavy attack from T2 fighter bombers and occasionally Gunships (If you can't build T2 fighter bombers, only Gunships will attack). When all 3 are built you have to defend them, but this shouldn't be an issue, then you have to wait for them to find Dr Brackman. The map expands to the South and East, send your amphibious tanks and gunships south east of the Quantum Gate to find the optional objective of the escaping engineers and 3 monkeylords.

The monkeylords are invisible to radar due to stealth but they won't get a chance to come close to your base, send all your gunships and amphibious tanks to kill them and the engineers, they will die very fast and your cruisers will take care of Dr Brackman's base, but you can send in your tanks and gunships if you want to speed things up, it's not that heavily defended and the mission is complete when his Science Facility is destroyed.