Operation Shining Star is the second mission as Princess Burke's Champion and marks the first mission where T3 units are unlocked. Taking place in a hilly region of Eridani, the objective is to attempt recruiting of Crusader Rhiza and Aeon commanders (namely Ariel) who have turned from The Way and are currently serving Marxon.

  1. Protect Colonies
  2. Deploy Strategic Missile Defenses
  3. Stop Ariel's Attacks (50% of the civilian structures must survive or the mission is failed)
  4. Destroy UEF artillery positions (three Dukes)
  5. Destroy UEF Defensive artillery position (optional)
  6. Defeat Captain Blake (UEF ACU)
  7. Defeat the Colossus
  8. Defeat Ariel
Technology available

Both vanilla T3 Land options are available, and similarly T3 Air is fully unlocked. Naval T2 is available (but not particularly useful apart from AA cruisers in the river). Nukes are available towards the end of the mission. Experimentals or T3 artillery buildings are available.


This map is mostly hilly and so air transports will be useful, if not necessary. Denying enemy transports and controlling the skies in general will take up the bulk of the mission. Naval units will not be especially helpful, but there is a river separating the starting position from the UEF base. Ariel's main base is on top of a plateau in the map's southwest corner, so only air attacks, artillery, and nukes can reach her.

Strategic guidance

Make use of the land factories for flak and T3 Harbingers. As the battle goes on, assist the air factories and build more with adjacency to T3 power.


The freshly minted Harbinger bots eclipse the T2 Obsidians, so build Aluminar T2 transports to mobilise and let them cleanse! The Serenity isn't quite as good and may be a disappointment; despite being able to fire on the move, it is slow to move and reload. Make good use of Flak and SAMs against enemy transports and ASFs. Extra T2 factories for Gunships will help against any amphibious units.