• Construct 3 Mass Extractors
  • Construct 3 Tech 1 Power Generators
  • Build an Air Factory
  • Construct 5 Zeus Attack Bombers
  • Defeat the UEF patrols
  • Capture UEF Radar
  • Destroy the UEF Mass Refineries
  • Defeat UEF Outer Defenses
  • Defeat the UEF patrols
  • Defeat Symbiont Guards
  • Destroy the UEF Base
  • Defeat the Aeon Commander.

Planet: Theban II





Unseen UEF Commander


This mission is basically a warmup/training mission for the Cybran Nation. Elite Commander Dostya will help you go through all the basics of the game including mass collecting, energy production, base construction, etc. Next, the map will expand to the south and she'll ask you to build up some units and destroy UEF patrols before capturing a radar installation. Your bombers should make short work of them. Then send either your ACU or an engineer to capture the radar. Once the radar is yours, the nearby UEF Power Generators will come under your control, including a Hydrocarbon Power Plant.

After that, she will order you to build more units to destroy the mass refineries to the north. These refineries are guarded by both land units and interceptors, so build your own interceptors to take out the UEF ones before sending your bombers to destroy the land units and mass refineries.

Once the refineries are destroyed, the map will expand to the east and some Cybran trucks will pass by while you receive your next objectives. The outer defenses consist of both anti-air towers and point defenses, but you gain access to the Tech 1 land factory schematic so that you can construct land units. Use whatever methods you see fit to smash the UEF outer defenses and eradicate the patrols supplementing them.

After the outer defenses are destroyed, the map will expand to the east again and you will see the UEF base along the prisons holding the symbionts. The prisons are protected by anti-air towers, so it is recommended that you send land units to smash the towers before sending in your bombers to destroy the UEF base. The UEF base also has anti-air towers, but it's primarily designed to shrug off ground assaults, so only an overwhelming number of land units will stand a reasonable chance of destroying the base.

After destroying the UEF base and freeing the symbionts, Dostya will give you some T2 land units before ordering you to defeat the Aeon Commander, who has built her base to the south. She has a decent number of anti-air towers in her case, so a ground assault will be the optimal way to take her down.