Uefc1 t

Battle for Capella

  • Construct 3 Mass Extractors
  • Construct 3 Power Generators
  • Build a Land Factory
  • Construct 3 MA12 Striker Medium Tanks
  • Destroy The Enemy Radar
  • Destroy The Enemy Air Factory
  • Destroy The Enemy Defensive Line
  • Capture a Tech 2 Power Generator(Optional)
  • Defeat The Cybran Commander

Planet: Capella


This mission is basically a warm up/training mission for the UEF. Your Commanding Officer(CO) will help you go through all the basics of the game including mass collecting, energy production, base construction, etc. Next, he'll  ask you to build up some units and destroy a Cybran radar installation located to your west, guarded by some light assault bots. Your tanks should make short work of them.

After that, he will order you to build more units to destroy the Cybran air base to your south-west, a combined tank-artillery-anti air force is recommended because of the Cybran bombers prowling around, so try to make a reasonable amount of anti-air units.. You should have no trouble destroying the lightly defended Cybran base.

With that done  Colonel Arnold will leave the theater of battle to 'deal ' with the other Cybran commander and leave you with some T2 reinforcements. Now keep building up your T1 army while your T2 units destroy the defensive line to your south(its overkill prone because of the T2 firepower agaist T1 PDs), Your gonna need that T1 army pretty soon also keep building it up.

After the defensive line is demolished, you will received your next mission:TAKE OUT THE CYBRAN COMMANDER. The best way to do it is by splitting your army in half, one army blocking the Cybran at his front door while the other flanks around to the left, like a anvil and a hammer squishing a fragment of steel. It is also adviceble to capture the T2 power generators to get the Research Stations T3 Heavy Artillery Installation After that, push up from the north and south and the Cybran commander's will likely be destroyed. That's the end of the first mission and then you will be informed about your next mission.

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