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The cover of the soundtrack

The Supreme Commander official Soundtrack, featuring the music from Supreme Commander, is only available as a download-only album on DirectSong. The music is in DRM-free MP3 format at 320 kbit/s. Included with the download is the soundtrack cover, should the user chose to burn the CD and print out a cover for his case. Shortly after the release of Forged Alliance in November 2007, additional tracks from the expansion appeared on the album at no extra charge for anyone who purchased the album. Tracks 24 and after are all from Forged Alliance, adding almost 40 minutes of playtime.

The score for Supreme Commander was composed by Jeremy Soule, who is most famous for his compositions for the Guild Wars series, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Jeremy Soule also composed the music for the game's spiritual predecessor, Total Annihilation.

The soundtrack has a grandiose and epic theme, consistent with its massive battles and large scale. Orchestral instruments serve as the basis for the game's music, although the expansion also features elements of rock, especially the electric guitar. Hints of the game's main theme can be heard in a majority of the tracks, and it is heavily present in the tracks Risk, Relief and Victory, An Old Idea Made New, The Final Cataclysm, and The Future Battlefield (E3 Trailer).

During the game, the music changes dynamically to complement the current atmosphere of the match. While developing, expanding, or recuperating between battles, mellow yet suspenseful tracks such as Dead Grounds, A Cloudy Path, or One Planet at a Time will play. However, if the player's base is under attack or their forces are engaged in a large battle, the game will switch to intense and energetic tracks such as Clash of the Champions, Massive Attack, or An Old Idea Made New. A humorous side effect of this system occurs if the player reclaims or stops construction of their own economic building; since the structure takes damage as it is reclaimed/decays, the game believes that the base is under attack, startling the player with an unexpected combat track. Just like StarCraft, the music heard in game also varies depending on faction, as each have their own theme.

Although Supreme Commander's E3 2006 trailer theme is present on the soundtrack, Forged Alliance's E3 2007 Trailer isn't.

Supreme Commander tracks[]

# Title Notes Length
1. "Bellum Infinitus" Theme from Supreme Commander 1:23
2. "The Final Act Begins" Opening movie theme 3:01
3. "An Old Idea Made New" UEF theme 2:31
4. "United Earth Federation" UEF theme 3:47
5. "Risk, Relief and Victory" 6:24
6. "The Cybran Nation" Cybran theme 2:23
7. "Symbiont Legion Rising" Cybran theme 2:38
8. "Dead Grounds" 2:14
9. "Employed Strategy" 2:33
10. "The Winds of Change" Battle theme 2:00
11. "One Planet at a Time" 3:08
12. "The Aeon Illuminate" Aeon theme 2:22
13. "Followers of The Way" Aeon theme 2:51
14. "Clash of the Champions" Battle theme 3:23
15. "A Cloudy Path" 2:10
16. "Enlightenment" 2:45
17. "Massive Attack" Battle theme 5:25
18. "The Final Cataclysm" Battle theme 3:02
19. "There Will Be Peace" Ending movie theme 1:27
20. "The Future Battlefield" E3 2006 Trailer 3:47
21. "Build Music (Bonus Sketch)" 1:49
22. "Battle Music (Bonus Sketch)" 1:14
23. "The Tip of Our Spear (Bonus Sketch)" 2:04

Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance tracks[]

# Title Notes Length
24. "Visitors from the Quantum Realm" Forged Alliance opening movie theme 3:23
25. "Colonial Defense Coalition" 1:09
26. "The Art of War" 2:16
27. "Rise of the Seraphim" 3:13
28. "Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold" 3:11
29. "Supreme Commander Reprise" guitar solo by Jason Evigan 2:06
30. "Brackman's Strategy" 2:27
31. "Cybran Razors" guitar solo by Jason Evigan 2:05
32. "Aeon Aggressors" 2:29
33. "Rhiza's Offensive" 2:25
34. "Seth-Iavow's Inner Sanctum" 3:28
35. "An Approaching Darkness" 2:11
36. "Seraphim Unleashed" 2:05
37. "The Princess Seals the Deal" Forged Alliance ending movie theme 0:57
38. "An Old Friend Returns" 0:33
39. "Supreme Commander Reprise" sans guitar 2:07
40. "Cybran Razors" sans guitar 2:05


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