A mod is a modification to Supreme Commander. They change and enhance gameplay by adding units, changing unit abilities, or adding or changing game mechanics. Some mods are called total conversions, which change nearly everything about the game.

Using modsEdit

Users install mods in the appropriate place in their Supreme Commander file (D:\Supreme Commander\gamedata For example) installation, and then enable them in the Extras menu in Supreme Commander. All players in a multiplayer game must be using the same mods. Some mods (eg UI Mods) can be used by an single player in a multiplayer game. Those Mods do not change anything on the units.

Creating modsEdit

Although GPG created some simple mods that are included with Supreme Commander, anyone can create and distribute mods. For information about creating mods, see Mod creation.

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There are many sites that offer mods for downloads, along with information and reviews. The following are just a few of those sites: