Stationary Missile launchers are characterized by large and massive amounts of damage. There are two types of missile launchers; Tactical and Strategic. Tactical missiles all share the traits of doing 6000 damage per missile and built at T2. They are the Cybran TML-4, the UEF Aloha, the Aeon Serpentine, and the Seraphim Ythis. Also, the UEF Governor and Seraphim Ithalua cruisers both have long-range rapid-fire missile launchers, and every faction has a T2 mobile missile launcher; The Cybran Viper, UEF Flapjack, Aeon Evensong, and the Seraphim Ythisah. The Seraphim and UEF ACUs also have Tactical missile upgrades. The UEF also has a T3 mobile missile launcher named the Spearhead. Strategic missiles all share the traits of being extremely expensive and able to totally annihilate an enemy base. They are built at T3 and able to fire anywhere on the map. They are the Cybran Liberator, UEF Stonager, Aeon Apocalypse, and the Seraphim Hastue. All factions also have a T3 submarine capable of constructing nuclear missiles (Cybran Plan B, UEF Ace, Aeon Silencer), except the Seraphim, who have a battleship that can construct nuclear missiles (Hauthuum). All Strategic submarines can fire long-range tactical missiles from under water. It should be noted that the Seraphim have an experimental missile launcher dubbed the Yolona Oss. It is a game ender with equivalent costs to the Aeon Paragon, and with a massive damage radius, missile build time of 60 seconds, and requiring 2 strategic missile defense missiles to disable. It also does 1000001 damage points to anything in the vicinity.

Factional DifferencesEdit

The Cybran Liberator's nukes explode slightly above the ground, lessening their effective damage radius slightly. This is compensated by the nuke having the EMP ability on anything in the immediate area.

Again, the Cybran's TML-4 has a fire delay of 0.5,as opposed to the other faction's 1.5. This makes it more effective in hitting mobile targets.

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