Minerva belongs to the Cybran Nation and is located deep in Cybran space. It houses the largest colony the Cybrans have ever built. It is named after the Roman god of wisdom.

Name: Minerva Faction: Cybran Nation Description: Unconfirmed

Minerva small


Terrain: Wetlands


At a glance, Minerva appears to be an Earth-type world capable of sustaining life. However, historical records reveal Minerva’s dark history.

One of the few worlds discovered by physical exploration of the galaxy (as opposed to deep space imaging), the scout team at first congratulated themselves on what was certain to be their “find of a lifetime.” They should have, however, run more than the cursory tests required by EarthCom.

Early colonists faced raging tornados, poisonous native plant-life and naturally violent animals. After several attempts to fully colonize the planet, the last colony "officially died out" in the thirty-first century after a severe storm season was followed by a virulent influenza-style epidemic that laid waste to the population. In truth, however, the old Earth Empire quarantined the survivors and destroyed any records that indicated their existence on Minerva.

In recent decades, the Aeon and UEF’s military activity in Minerva has sparked the attention of conspiracy theorists. Suspicious of military interest on a tainted and inhabitable planet, some theorists believe the planet is housing one or many Cybran Nation secret bases. Other theorists believe Minerva is a military red herring, promoted by Cybran agents to distract the Aeon and UEF. There is no documented research to support either theory.


Humanity colonized hundreds of worlds across the galaxy during the three great expansions. The problem was that Earth tried to exercise control of all those worlds, and that was a major cause of the Infinite War. Minerva was one of these worlds. However, this promising Earth-like planet turned out to be a nightmare in disguise. Various colonization efforts failed due to destructive weather, an inhospitable and even dangerous ecosystem, and disease. It was so bad that records of the planet were erased and it was forgotten. However, Minerva is now home to a secret Cybran base, which was one of the largest ever found on a single planet.


  • Name: Minerva
  • Mass: 6139e24 kg
  • Diameter: 13349KM
  • Mean Temperature: 03 Celsius
  • Population: 5723600
  • Climate: Artic
  • Resources: High
  • Pressure: 3.2 atmospheres
  • Composition:

30.6 Fe, 26.5 O, 19.2 Si, 15.7 Mg, 2.3 Ni, 1.8 S, 2.5 Ti,

  • Atmosphere:

74.5 N, 23.5 O, 0.7 Ar, 1.1 C,

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