Icon structure1 mass T1 Mass Extractors[e]
UEB1103 build btn URB1103 build btn UAB1103 build btn XSB1103 build btn
Mass Extractor
Build Costs Energy icon -360
Mass icon -36
Time icon 60
Energy icon -2
Mass icon 2
Build Rate
Time icon10/s
Max Health Health icon 800
Icon structure2 mass T2 Mass Extractors[e]
UEB1202 build btn URB1202 build btn UAB1202 build btn XSB1202 build btn
Mass Extractor
Build Costs Energy icon -5400
Mass icon -900
Time icon 900
Energy icon -9
Mass icon 6
Build Rate
Time icon15/s
Max Health Health icon 3000
Intel (Radius) Vision: 20
Icon structure3 mass T3 Mass Extractors
UEB1302 build btn URB1302 build btn UAB1302 build btn XSB1302 build btn
Mass Extractor
Build Costs Energy icon -10800
Mass icon -1800
Time icon 1350
Energy icon -36
Mass icon 12
Max Health Health icon 4000
Intel (Radius) Vision: 20
Icon structure3 mass T3 Mass Extractors[e]
UEB1302 build btn URB1302 build btn UAB1302 build btn XSB1302 build btn
Mass Extractor
Build Costs Energy icon -31625
Mass icon -4600
Time icon 2875
Energy icon -54
Mass icon 18
Max Health Health icon 8400
Intel (Radius) Vision: 20

Mass extractors are buildings built on Mass deposits. They extract the Mass from the ground and make it usable by construction units. There are three extractors for every faction: Tech 1, Tech 2 and Tech 3 extractors. They are identical across the factions except for design.


Mass extractors can be built by engineers and command units. T1 engineers and un-upgraded ACUs can only build T1 extractors, but the extractors can themselves upgrade to higher tier. Higher tier constructors can build higher tier extractors. Their production can also be boosted by placing Mass storages around them. An extractor surrounded 4 Mass storages produces an extra 50% Mass. It should be noted it is just as expensive to upgrade an extractor, than to directly build one of a higher tier level. This means that it may be more efficient to directly build a higher tier mass extractor. However, this is largely based on the speed of construction, since an upgrading mass extractor will still provide mass, and the additional investment of the lower tier may pay for itself while it is upgrading. Power consumption can also be reduced by placing power generators around the extractor, but the benefits of this are minimal, and the operation is not recommended.

Hp Costs* Consumption Production Production*
Tech 1 Health icon1200 Energy icon360 Mass icon36 Time icon60 Energy icon-2/s Mass icon+2/s Mass icon+3/s
Tech 2 Health icon2160 Energy icon5400 Mass icon900 Time icon900 Energy icon-9/s Mass icon+6/s Mass icon+9/s
Tech 3
Vanilla SupCom
Health icon4000 Energy icon10800 Mass icon1800 Time icon1350 Energy icon-36/s Mass icon+12/s Mass icon+18/s
Tech 3
Forged Alliance
Health icon8400 Energy icon31625 Mass icon4600 Time icon2875 Energy icon-54/s Mass icon+18/s Mass icon+27/s

Costs* = Remember that surrounding an extractor costs 800 mass
Production* = Production when surrounded by 4 Mass Storages

Build OrderEdit

As a general rule, the most economically efficient way of setting up Mass extractors is building as many T1 as possible, then, upgrading them all to T2. At this point, the optimal road is to surround your T2 Mass extractors with 4 Mass storages, and upgrading them to T3. Upgrading a T2 extractor to T3 without first surrounding it with storage it is not a wise choice, and failing to surround a T3 extractor is a bad mistake.

The sooner extractors are upgraded without compromising production, the more production can be gained. Consider pausing factory spam once you control the deposits around the map and have a production lead on your opponent. You should use reclaim to get mass and go up to T2 faster. 60 power/sec is needed, or three power generators. When construction storages, drag them over the extractor and shift click to queue them up, or use the template tab (and set a hotkey). This will make it easier to build your storages more quickly and sooner.

There are several myths regarding upgrades. Upgrades do not normally stop mass extraction. Even though an extractor can upgrade itself, it is recommended to assist the Mass extractor as much as possible to keep the transition time short. A bug in the game might prevent you from completely pausing a Mass extractor's upgrade. While Production is paused, resources may still be consumed.

It is for the above reasons that it is optimal to upgrade one at a time, while assisting it, and under no condition should you run out of Mass during this process. It is acceptable to pause the mass extractor upgrade to maintain the army, but a partial upgrade is a waste until completed.

Regardless of the process of building the upgrade, it is better to spend resources rather than waste them. If mass surplus is extremely high or storages are full, starting some extractor upgrades are a good way to make use up lots of the mass, while more build power (ie production buildings and engineers to spend the surplus) is constructed. The rate required for an extractor to self-upgrade is 10 mass/sec for T2, and about 25 mass/sec for T3. It is assumed that in this case the power has been taken care of. Using resources in this way will maintain an efficient economy.

The following table shows how long you have to wait to start making profits from an extractor. It also includes extractors surrounded by mass storages, and takes into account the production gain, rather than absolute production. Only mass costs are considered. Applies only to Forged Alliance. Table is ordered by repay time.

build from build to cost production gain time to repay
- Tech 1 Mass icon36 Mass icon+2/s Time icon18s
Tech 3 Tech 3 Surrounded Mass icon800 Mass icon+9/s Time icon1:30s
Tech 1 Tech 2 Mass icon900 Mass icon+4/s Time icon3:45s
Tech 2 Surrounded Tech 3 Surrounded Mass icon4600 Mass icon+18/s Time icon4:16s
Tech 2 Tech 2 Surrounded Mass icon800 Mass icon+3/s Time icon4:27s
Tech 2 Tech 3 Mass icon4600 Mass icon+16/s Time icon4:48s
Direct upgrade
Tech 2 Tech 3 Surrounded Mass icon5200 Mass icon+21/s Time icon4:08s

Obviously, the faster an extractor repays for itself, the better, proving the first paragraph of this section.

While this table shows that for maximum production, as soon as a T2 extractor is surrounded, it is efficient to upgrade it to T3 than surround another T2. In reality, available resources, unconsidered build time overheads, and other risks make this an unwise choice.


In the original Supreme Commander, Mass extractors are important especially in the beginning, but players can manage their economy with Mass fabricators too.

In Forged Alliance, Mass extractors gain much more importance because Mass fabricators were made much less effective. This effectively makes map control more important because turtling in a small base with fabricator economy is not possible. Also, Tech 3 Mass extractors were made much more efficient, productive and durable, to stress their importance.

Factional differencesEdit

Except for the graphics, there are strictly no factional differences whatsoever in the faction's Mass extractors, in either Vanilla SupCom or Forged Alliance.

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