Tips ? Edit

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My mex doesn't align correctly ?Edit

Under "options", turn on "Auto-Snap to o-grid" and "shake" the mex a little. It will line up correctly to the building grid. GPGnet forum link

My commanders don't spawn Edit

Make sure you have followed Lesson 3: Making it playable correctly. Especially the part about the lua script, that contains the spawn code!

My commanders spawn randomly on the map Edit

As pointed out by Lael on the supcom forum, make sure your army is named uppercase: ARMY_1 and not Army_1.

Easier decal editing Edit

  • To get decals that are under other decals hold ctrl and click
  • To rotate decals hold r and move mouse left or right
  • To move decals hold m and move mouse
  • To resize decals hold s and move mouse up and down

Easier map making Edit

If you want to make better maps, remember that you can always mirror heightmapmaps by using photoshop. See the supcom official map editor tutorial for details.

How to make Forged Alliance maps with the Official Editor Edit

In short, you need to apply a "patched" lua file to your vanilla Supreme Commander installation, then you can place and edit the expanded set of markers that FA (and the Sorian AI in particular) needs to work properly.See Expanded Markers for Mapping for details.