Introduction Edit

The supreme commander map editor - in it's current pre-alpha development status - is a bit complicated to use. The tools you need for map editing are found in a dialog window called "Layers", and each of these tools have one or more different property windows, and sometimes even show/hide different toolbar buttons. Don't be afraid though, with some patience and this guide you'll learn your way around quickly.

Let's start with a description of the default menu and it's submenus, followed by an in-depth look at the various tools you'll find in the "Layers" dialog window.


The default menu Edit


File Edit

  • New...: Creates a new map
  • Open...: Opens an already existing map
  • Open Recent: Shows a list of last edited maps
  • Save: Save the current map
  • Save As...: Save the map under a new name
  • Export: Used to export various map properties and contents
  • Import: Used to import them back into your map
  • Exit: Closes the editor


Edit Edit

  • Undo: Undo your last operation
  • Redo: Redo your last operation
  • Copy: Copy to clipboard
  • Paste: Paste from clipboard
  • Select All: Self-explanatory
  • Deselect All: Self explanatory
  • Scenario...: Opens a dialog window to edit scenario options


View Edit

  • Layers: Shows the dialog window that contains all editing tools
  • Tool: Opens the tool properties window, specific for ech tool in the layers window
  • Resources: Opens the resource browser
  • Console: Shows the console window
  • Log: Shows the log window
  • Water: Enables/Disables the display of water
  • Force Decals: ?
  • Gizmo: ?
  • Strategic: ?
  • Units: ?
  • Debug:
    • Wireframe: Enables/disables wireframe rendering
    • Skirts: ?
    • Intel Ranges: ?
    • Weapon Ranges: ?
    • Grid: Shows/hides the grid
    • Areas: Shows/hides area rectangles
    • Slope: Shows/hides color coding for slopes
    • Preview: Displays a preview rendering of the map (?)
  • Reset: ?


Options Edit

  • AutoSnap to o-grid: snaps props and markers to the grid when moved around
  • AutoSnap to land layer: ?
  • Hotkeys: Shows the hotkey menu
  • Run in game: quickly test your map in supcom. doesn't work in the pre-alpha :(

The layers menu Edit

The layers menu is a collection of all the tools you need to edit your maps. Please see the specific subsections for a detailed explanation of each:


The resouce browser Edit

This window contains a collection of resources (Textures, props, decals,...) which can be used in the various tools.