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NOTICE: GPG Net for SC:Vanilla and FA is now offline, visit the GPG forums ( for more information. If you wish to play multiplayer Forged Alliance visit Forged Alliance Forever, a free option for FA multiplayer, and also contains mods, new maps, ranking ladders, cooperative campaign, among other things.

NEWS: The Nomads has been released on Forged Alliance Forever for public use. There is now a fifth faction. Pages will be added to accommodate their arrival, and their continuation of the Infinite War.

Disclaimer: Most unit values are outdated. These will be updated to Forged Alliance Forever standards.

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A ghetto gunship is a transport loaded with LABs (T1 light assault bots) that can fire from the transport. The unit has high dps but is vulnerable to flak that will destroy unprotected LABs. (More...)

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Cybran soul ripper1--screenshot

The Cybran "Soul Ripper" is an Experimental gunship with counter air missiles and strong land guns. The Soul Ripper came from Supreme Commander 1 and continued in Supreme Commander Forged Alliance, and then eventually the model was changed in Supreme Commander 2.

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