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C. Allen Riley II[]

President and EarthCom Commander-in-chief C. Allen Riley II

President C. Allen Riley II is the leader of the United Earth Federation. He is also the Commander-in-chief of EarthCom, the military arm of the UEF.

One overarching goal has dictated President Riley's 10-year tenure as President of the United Earth Federation: ending the Infinite War. Administrative records indicate that Riley hopes to achieve this goal by aggressively attacking the enemy along two fronts. A data cull from UEF quantum communications reveals an distinct increase in the UEF-generated propaganda directed against both the Aeon Illuminate and the Cybran Nation. Said propaganda has resulted in substantial increases in the morale and allegiance of systems along the outer rim of UEF-controlled space.

In addition, an increase of 7.6893% of the UEF's annual budget has been directed to defense and military spending. Under Riley's authority, significant improvements have been made to all aspects of the UEF military, and the amount of money funneled into "black op" weapons has dramatically increased. Unable to provide additional information.

All available polling data suggests that Riley maintains a high degree of popularity in the eyes of both the civilian sector and the military. A closer examination of the data reveals that this is largely a result of Riley's spotless military record as a former UEF Commander and his reputation for cutting through bureaucracy; cross-referencing parallel polling data streams suggests that Riley's approval ratings are 12.0007% higher at this point in his presidency than any of his predecessors.

Unknown to all but President Riley's closest inner-circle is the fact that Riley is now suffering from a degenerative spinal disorder. All medical records concerning the condition are outside the scope of this facility; however, information pulled from third-party pharmaceutical data streams indicate that Riley is consuming a large amount of pain killers.

The effects of this condition on his presidency, and indeed the presidency itself, are rendered moot upon the opening of the Quantum Rift on Earth; from it emerge the Seraphim, the deities of the Aeon religion, and Riley is killed alongside untold numbers of civilians and soldiers alike.

General Samantha Clarke[]

General Samantha Clarke in Vanilla SupCom

Samantha Clarke was a general and was the highest ranking military officer in the United Earth Federation.

The daughter of Stephen Clarke, acknowledged hero of the battle of Nova Prime, General Samantha Clarke made a binding offer to join the United Earth Federation military at age 16 and enlisted on her 18th birthday. Early service records indicate Clarke volunteered for the least attractive duties, demonstrating that she was determined to succeed without trading on her father's name.

As one of the youngest Commanders in UEF history, Clarke fought in campaigns that stretched across numerous systems. Medical logs indicate that she was injured during the bitterly contested, nine-month battle for Scorpii 18; she was one of the few survivors to emerge from that conflict.

UEF security systems record two assassinations attempts against Clarke, both of which were initiated by the Cybran Nation. Both attempts met with failure and the capture of the Cybran agents involved.

General Clarke directs all aspects of the UEF's campaign from her war room on Earth. During the final battle around Black Sun, she recognized the apparently-brainwashed Colonel Arnold and ordered his replacement to eliminate him.

In Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance, two years after the Seraphim occupation of Earth, she led a failed defense of a transport ship on the human planet Capella. She was killed by a Seraphim ACU before her recall was accomplished, the resulting core meltdown of her ACU destroying much of the surrounding area. Fort Clarke, one of the last major bastions of humanity, is named in her honor.

Zachary Arnold[]

Colonel Zachary Arnold

Colonel Zachary Arnold is a member of the United Earth Federation and an EarthCom veteran. A weathered man in his late forties, Colonel Zachary Arnold has spent the better part of his life in the blue of the UEF. Though he is well past the maximum age for field service, Arnold has used his extensive connections to stay in combat. Because he has few true friends and his wife died of cancer many years earlier, Arnold prefers to stay on the frontlines, waging his own style of warfare against the UEF's enemies.

Arnold has been at the forefront of so many battles that both the Aeon and Cybrans have extensive files on him. It is even rumored that all Aeon Commanders-in-Training are required to attend a special seminar on his favored tactics.

Arnold was rumored killed during "Operation Metal Shark" when his ACU was destroyed by an overwhelming Aeon assault force. He is however later revealed still alive, transformed into a knight of the Aeon Illuminate. General Samantha Clarke, surprised by Arnold's transmission, labels him as "brainwashed" by the Aeon. Arnold then leads an Aeon assault on Black Sun, and is killed.

Michelle Aiko[]

Captain Michelle Aiko

Captain Michelle Aiko is a junior military officer in the United Earth Federation.

A career soldier, Aiko went directly into the military academy as soon as she came of age. A solid student and Commander, Aiko graduated as a lieutenant and spent several years in the field, earning several commendations for bravery.

Aiko is not widely regarded as a brilliant Commander, but she has earned a reputation for dogged perseverance and a willingness to risk life and limb to accomplish her objectives. Her crowning moment came at the Battle of Thompson's Ridge, where she held off a seemingly overwhelming Aeon attack with nothing but her ACU and a handful of Pillar Heavy Tanks. She was rewarded for her heroic actions during that battle with a promotion to Captain.

After being critically injured during a Cybran raid, Aiko was removed from frontline command. Unwilling to accept her new position, she repeatedly volunteered for active duty and was eventually selected as Head-of-Security for a top-secret UEF installation on Earth.

General William Hall[]

Lieutenant General William Hall

Initially, William Hall simply wanted to enter the military police, but his entry tests showed him to be a strong candidate for ACU training. He decided to become an ACU commander and graduated at the top of his class.After a career spanning decades, Hall was promoted to Lieutenant General in the waning days of the Infinite War, becoming the second-highest ranked officer in the UEF. After the Seraphim attacked (and President C. Allen Riley II was killed), Hall assisted General Samantha Clarke with running all aspects of the UEF.

With the death of Clarke, Hall assumed full command of the UEF. His primary goal is the preservation of humanity, regardless of faction identity or past grievances. To that end, he is a strong proponent of the three factions--UEF, Aeon and Cybran – forming a permanent alliance. Stalwart and levelheaded, he is an excellent marshal to the coalition as a whole.

After the final victory against the Seraphim on Earth, he made the decision to recognize the Cybran Nation and Aeon Illuminate as sovereign nations and proposed an alliance between the three.


Brig.General Fletcher

Brig. General Fletcher, one of the remaining officers by the time of the attack on Fort Clarke, was an effective but paranoid commander. He participated in many of the battles in the closing days of the war against the Seraphim; during Operation: Black Day, he dug in too deeply and required the diversion of significant resources away from the protection of Fort Clarke in order to rescue him. Nonetheless, as there were limited options at the time, he continued to operate in the field.

During subsequent battles, he shared private communiques with commanders of the Coalition, most notably with the UEF officer who rescued him during Black Day. He advises that the Aeon and Cybran allies alongside them are not to be trusted, and that an elaborate campaign of deception is taking place. He believes that the moment the conflict against the Seraphim is over, the Infinite War is back on.

His paranoia culminated during Operation: Overlord; he turned his forces against his fellow Coalition commanders, hoping to defeat them both and the Seraphim in turn, then repair the wrecked Black Sun to destroy the Cybrans and Aeon. After attempting to recall Fletcher's ACU, Hall authorizes the player to destroy the xenophobic turncoat, who berates the new UEF leader over comms. Fletcher's treason was apparently planned some time in advance, as a Fatboy hidden beneath a stealth generator hidden very near the player's original base location opens fire after betrayal. After Fletcher's death, the final battle is waged alone against the Seraphim armies, with the Gate ultimately being destroyed and the war won.

Ironically, Fletcher's attempt to commandeer the Coalition operation and singlehandedly win the day did more to obstruct the victory of the UEF than it did to assist it, again requiring resources to be diverted in order to fight against Fletcher's rogue army.

Minor Characters[]

Berry is a UEF junior commander who is present during the Aeon and Cybran campaigns, defending Rigel and attacking Minerva respectively.

Stenson is a scientist who works in the Lima Foxtrot research facility. After repairing an experimental energy generator in the facility, the commander is ordered to evacuate civilians from the nearby Luthien colony to it, as the UEF is pulling out.

Nakamura serves as the leader of the civilians on Luthien. He will instruct the UEF commander who arrives there on assisting with the evacuation of the civilians.

Colonel Gart is a UEF commander who only appears during the Aeon campaign, defending Rigel alongside Berry. He is killed when Rhiza sends a CZAR into his base after his anti-aircraft defenses are destroyed.

Major Harold Godwyn is a UEF commander who only appears during the Cybran campaign, defending the prison facilities on Pollux. He captures Hex5, but is killed by Brackman's clone (the player).

Dr. Sweeney is a UEF Scientist who is mentioned as being kidnapped from an outpost in Capella. He is later rescued by the player on Minerva and appears physically in Operation Forge while sending the parts to Earth from Pisces Four.

Blake is a UEF commander who appears in Operation Shining Star, defending Eridani from all Aeon forces on the planet. He is killed during the battle by the Player (Princess's champion)