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Princess Rhianne Burke[]

Princess Rhianne Burke

Rhianne Burke is the third Princess of the Aeon Illuminate and the current leader of the Aeon faction.

Records concerning Princess Rhianne Burke are highly classified. What is known is that she was born into a caste of seers and her lineage guaranteed that she would be a strong candidate to ascend the throne. When the previous Princess, Miranda Burke retired, Princess Rhianne assumed the throne with a great deal of fanfare.

Public records indicate that Princess Rhianne, a strong woman with an amazing amount of charisma, enjoys a great deal of support among the Aeon. However, intercepts of Aeon communication signals seem to indicate that Princess Rhianne is attempting to steer the Aeon in a new direction: the emphasis is on establishing a lasting peace as opposed to cleansing - as the Way shows it. Should the Aeon emerge victorious in the closing days of the Infinite War on Earth, Burke displays her conviction on this matter, merging herself with the firing of the weapon into the galaxy in order to spread a message of peace to every human being, thereby ending not only the Infinite War, but every conflict.

In the ending of Forged Alliance, the princess closes the quantum rift the Seraphim used to initially cross into our galaxy. It is still unknown if she survived, but General Hall says that "we'll keep looking." It is more than likely that she gave her life, tapping into her power to permanently seal away the Seraphim.

Evaluator Kael[]

Evaluator Kael

Kael (full name unknown) leads the Order of the Illuminate and is allied to the Seraphim faction.

Although Kael had hoped to become a Lady-in-Waiting, and thus join the pool of women from which the next Princess would be selected, her family forced her into the priesthood; she eventually became a member of a secretive organization known as the Order of the Illuminate.

Cold and aloof, Kael made few friends, but performed her duties with extreme efficiency and was particularly adept at maneuvering her way through the Order’s political maze. Eventually, she was selected as a permanent member of the Order’s Governing Council.

During the final stages of the Infinite War, QAI put the Order in touch with the Seraphim. It was at this stage when Kael laid the groundwork for what was to follow. Within days of the Seraphim invasion, she seized control, executed her political enemies and renamed the Aeon Illuminate the Order of the Illuminate.

Kael rules the Order with an iron fist and has labeled Rhiza and any other Aeon that remain loyal to the Princess as heretics that must be cleansed. Her paranoia is absolute, and Kael will kill anyone who draws suspicion to themselves, regardless of the circumstances.

When the rest of humanity is cleansed, Kael fully expects the Seraphim to support her as the defacto leader of any remaining humans. This illusion is shattered in the final moments of the war against the Seraphim, however, as they ridicule her attempts to command them and kill the resurgent Burke. What became of Kael after the war is unknown.

Avatar-of-War Jaran Marxon[]

Avatar-of-War Jaran Marxon

Although Jaran Marxon is one of the most feared men in the galaxy, his face is almost unknown outside of Aeon territories. However, his deeds in the service of the Illuminate are infamous. He is utterly ruthless, and when launching assaults on planets he spares no one, even civilians.

Though he originally studied to be a priest, it was quickly recognized that Marxon was a natural leader and possessed a fearsome will. These abilities caught the eye of the military and Marxon was commanding an ACU within two years, a record without equal.

Marxon earned victory after victory and it was only natural that he would become the Avatar-of-War, the highest military rank in the Illuminate. As fearsome in the conference room as he is on the battlefield, Marxon enjoys the unwavering loyalty of scores of Commanders. Some criticize his methods, but no one doubts his effectiveness. There is a reason Marxon's face is almost unknown—it is because almost no one has survived long enough to transmit it.

His ultimate fate is unknown. In the UEF ending of Supreme Commander, he appears to have perished when the planet on which he resided was destroyed by Black Sun. However in the Aeon ending it is the Princess's champion (the player) who kills Marxon. In the Cybran ending he is only seen cursing Dr. Brackman for the Quantum Gates overloading and self-destructing; what became of him in this ending is similarly unknown.

Evaluator Abigail Toth[]

Evaluator Abigail Toth

Abigail Toth is an Evaluator of the Aeon Illuminate and chief advisor to Princess Rhianne Burke.

Although she appears to be little more than an unassuming grandmother, Evaluator Abigail Toth has advised the last three Aeon Illuminate Princesses, including the current Princess, Rhianne Burke. From her position, Evaluator Toth has influenced the direction of the Aeon far more than most people realize.

She was killed by Avatar-of-War Marxon when he tried to seize control of the Illuminate.

Crusader Rhiza[]

Crusader Rhiza, Aeon Warrior

Rhiza (full name unknown) is one of the youngest members of the Aeon military to ever be promoted to the rank of Crusader. Rhiza is considered a model Commander and is held up as an example for junior officers to follow. The rest of the galaxy sees her in a somewhat different light. Her UEF file cites her unusual ferocity in battle, and her willingness to do whatever it takes to win. The files maintained by the Cybrans also highlight Rhiza's strategic skills.

Truth be told, Rhiza is a fanatic. She is absolutely certain that the Aeon Illuminate is in the right, and therefore anything that opposes them must be eliminated. Rhiza will fight to the last tank, to the last resource, to the last person. She will not stop until the very planet is reduced to a cinder. Then she will do it again.

After the creation of the Coalition For The Mutual Defence And Security Of Humanity, the Cybrans appear to accept her as a sister. Brackman himself says says, "We will continue to assist our sister Rhiza." Her strategic thinking and strength of will are key to the Coalition's victory in the war against the Seraphim, with her forces occupying a vital position and holding off Seraphim. She also provides support to the other commander arriving to the battle shortly before Fletcher's betrayal of the Coalition. If her ACU is sufficiently damaged during the battle, she will recall, sending a message of support to her remaining ally before departing.

Zachary Arnold[]

Zachary Arnold was, at one point, of the most feared commanders in the UEF. During an operation late in the Infinite War, however, he was believed killed; in truth, he had been captured by the Illuminate, and converted to The Way. Dismissed as brainwashed by his UEF contemporaries, Arnold participated in the battle around the Black Sun facility, and was ultimately killed there, regardless of the campaign. Though he served under Marxon at the time, his true loyalty was to the Princess, as she had directly participated in his conversion to The Way; as a result, once Black Sun is captured by the Aeon within their campaign, he turns against Marxon.

Minor characters[]

Ariel is a minor commander loyal to Marxon. Lured by his promises of rewards, she refuses to join the Princess on Eridani. As a result, the Champion is forced to eliminate her. She is encountered during the second mission of the Cybran Campaign as the commander of Aeon forces on Orionis, but killing her is not required to complete the mission.

Eris is a Crusader who appears as a commander loyal to Princess Burke in all three campaigns, attacking Matar in the Aeon and UEF campaigns and Procyon in the Cybran campaign respectively. She appears as an ally during the third mission of the Aeon campaign, but is an enemy in the other two campaigns.

Min is a Templar who appears as a commander in the UEF and Cybran Campaigns, attacking Luthien and Theban 2 respectively.

Amalia is a Loyalist who was held prisoner and tortured by QAI on Pearl II. Her liberation served as a sub-objective of the battle there to eliminate QAI and carve a gateway to a desecrated Earth.

Gari is an Order Commander encountered and killed by the player character while she is assaulting Fort Clarke with a Seraphim commander.

Celene is an Order Commander encountered alongside QAI on Copernicus who defects to the Coalition after Princess Burke's return and works together with her former enemies to defeat the QAI commander on planet.

Vendetta is a turncoat Aeon who served the Seraphim as a final guard against the Coalition attack during Operation: Overlord. She taunts her enemy, but is ultimately defeated alongside her alien compatriots.

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