Hover is the term for the ability of a unit to suspend itself just above the surface of the planet and not actually touch the surface beneath it. Hover should not be confused with flying units.

Hover is an important ability, as any unit with hover is both amphibious and immune to torpedoes. Units with hover travel above the surface of the water rather than under it. However, a command unit can still reclaim or capture hovering units from underwater.

Only a select few units are equipped with hover, specifically:

UEF Edit

Aeon Edit

Seraphim Edit

In addition all tiers of Aeon and Seraphim engineers have the hover ability. Cybran do not have any hovering units and even though their engineers can travel across water, they are not considered hovering and can thus be targeted by torpedoes.

Hovering units are detected by sonar and will thus be visible to standard detectors in addition to radar. Maintaining good radar coverage over sea is still imperative to avoid surprise attacks by air units.

Two Riptides attack a Tide

Riptides cannot be targeted by Tides and can attack them safely.