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Tech 1 Light GunshipNo-unit.pngXRA0105 build btn.pngNo-unit.pngNo-unit.png
Tech 2 GunshipUEA0203 build btn.pngURA0203 build btn.pngUAA0203 build btn.pngXSA0203 build btn.png
Tech 3 Heavy/AA GunshipUEA0305 build btn.pngXRA0305 build btn.pngXAA0305 build btn.pngNo-unit.png
ExperimentalNo-unit.pngURA0401 build btn.pngNo-unit.pngNo-unit.png

A gunship is an air unit designed to attack ground units. Unlike a bomber, which performs bombing runs, a gunship circles around its target and pours projectiles into its target; Which is effective at destroying enemy land units, surface naval forces and structures, especially if the enemy units are not well defended with T2 anti-air units.

They are also faster than land and naval units, so an undefended target cannot easily retreat. Gunships are most effective when used in large numbers, with little to no warning.


Gunships are fast moving air units capable of unleashing a volley of projectiles in a short time. Their strength is in numbers and the element of surprise.

The main advantage of gunships is their ability to efficiently maintain a constant DPS on a target before switching to a new one when their first target is destroyed, whereas a bomber needs to make a separate attack run every time it attacks and is often prone to Overkill. They also make ideal perimeter patrols, keeping the vincinity swept by gunships is a sure way to prevent a shrewd ground attack or the enemy tries to set a guerilla attack via Transport.

Their nature as a CAS aircraft is that they linger close to their target, making them vulnerable to AA, where bombers are only vulnerable for the brief moment they make their attack run. Which puts them as a second-line strike force when the Bombers have already weakened the air defenses before the Gunships can be vectored in.

Some gunships offer some features compared to their counterparts such as the UEF's Tier 2, which offers limited transport capacity.

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For a list of all gunships, see the gunships category.


-During the course of the Forged Alliance campaign, gunships cannot fire at each other like they could in Skirmish and Muliplayer. This is maybe due to the enemy having a technological advantage to the player and is a balancing purpose.

Whenever Cybran gunships are moving, they give off a red glow similar to the green glow of Aeon ground hover units

-Cybrans are the only faction with gunships in all four tech levels: the Jester, the Renegade, the Wailer, and the Soul Ripper.