A game ender is a unit which can effectively end the game. This covers those that can provide a substantial bonus or the ability to directly assault the enemy ACU from the safety of your base. Usually, this is mainly Experimentals but T3 Artillery and Strategic Missile Launchers (SMLs) are also considered game enders.

Game enders can be disabled via the Disable Game Enders gamerule.

Units[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description
UEB2401 build btn.png Mavor Has one of the highest range in the entire game. The Mavor can effectively destroy any building with a direct hit. It comes with less accuracy though but the damage. If enough could be amassed, it can snipe even the ACU.
XSB2401 build btn.png Yolona Oss Fires tough nuclear missiles and in quick succession. A good cluster of Yolona Ossi are enough to quickly end the game in the player's favour.
XAB1401 build btn.png Paragon The Paragon automatically manages the resource intake to meet demand and a good number can effectively allow the Aeon Commander to construct legions of Experimentals quickly.
URL0401 build btn.png Scathis The Scathis is a game ender, not because of range but its rapid fire ability. Raining down neutron shells is enough to decimate, even heavily fortified bases.
XEB2402 build btn.png Novax Center The Novax Satellite wields a powerful beam weapon, capable of causing destruction over time. While weak alone, it is considered a game ender giving to how the Satellite can move freely across the map and its orbital position renders it untargetable.
XAB2307 build btn.png Tier 3 Artillery Installations Long Ranged Artillery that can fire from extreme range. Unlike Experimentals, they can be amassed quicker. On large maps, their usefulness shrinks to extreme-long range defense.
UEB2305 build btn.png Tier 3 Strategic Missile Launchers Nuclear Missiles enjoy unlimited range, allowing them to travel across great distances, even on large maps. Like T3 Artillery, SMLs can also be built in great numbers, exaggerating costly defensive setups if the commanders are to survive. This includes upgraded ACUs, The Hauthuum and the Tier 3 Nuclear Submarines respectively.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • According to the optional in-game restriction, a game ender is classified as either a Tech 3 Strategic Missile Launcher or Artillery Installation. In other words, Experimental and other units (Strategic Missile Submarines) can still be used should a player choose to enable this restriction.
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