GPGNet is software from Gas Powered Games that provides the online parts of Supreme Commander. Primarily it downloads patches and it helps match up players for online matches. GPGNet can be launched from the start menu or from the main menu of Supreme Commander.

When GPGNet starts it checks for updated versions of GPGNet and Supreme Commander, and it automatically downloads and installs them.

The buttons across the bottom of the GPGNet window provide the main functions:

  • Home - Official news and information
  • Chat - a chat system for meeting other players
  • Host Custom Game - host a custom multiplayer game
  • Join Custom Game - join a custom game that someone else is hosting
  • Play Ranked Game - after choosing some options, automatically matches you with another player for a ranked multiplayer game
  • Play Arranged Team Game - form a team for custom and ranked team games
  • Play Now - same as Play Ranked Game except it skips the options dialog
  • View Rankings - view the online ranking ladder
  • The Vault - download maps, videos and tools (such as the map editor)
  • World Map - view a map of the Earth showing the location of the players currently running GPGNet
  • Replay Vault - download replays
  • Submit Feedback - send feedback to Gas Powered Games
  • Options - view and change GPGNet options
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