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Experimental Units
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Experimental units are a force to be reckoned with. Here, an army of Monkeylords marching through an enemy base.

Experimental units are the biggest, strongest and most effective units in Supreme Commander. They play a very large part in the appeal to the game, giving players the possibility of creating weapons to crush opposing armies, on a scale they had never before seen.

They are incredibly powerful, and most have a mix of abilities that make them even more effective on the battlefield. Each faction has three experimental units, and they constitute some of the major faction differences. The Forged Alliance expansion adds one experimental unit to each faction, plus the three Seraphim ones.

Experimental units are often considered "Tech 4". They are constructed not by factories but by tech 3 engineers, SCUs, and upgraded ACUs. The resource requirements for experimental units are extreme, so there must be a robust economy available to support the construction. They also take so much time to construct that a single engineer should never be used to construct them. Instead, as large a group as possible should be used to accelerate the construction.

With the release of Forged Alliance, their cost and construction time have been greatly reduced, allowing for easier deployment. As a counter part to this, their power was reduced, not making them the all mighty they used to be. While they can still wreak havoc and destruction, a well defended base, or a large amount of tech 3 units can stop them.

The UEF had a experimental Weapon on the great void which was once a continent but was destroyed by the weapon accidentally.

Wrecks of experimental units are extremely valuable


Although experimental units are much more powerful than most units, a common mistake is to overestimate their power. Sending one alone against a well defended enemy base is almost guaranteed to fail, as the unit will probably be destroyed shortly after reaching said base. This is especially true of Monkeylords. However, sending 2 or 3 of such units at once can create a force that even the best defended bases will have trouble stopping. Never overestimate your experimental units, escort them with anti air, and you will probably never fail to destroy your target.

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Game ender

Some of these units are so powerful, the game is essentially finished if one is successfully constructed. For example: The Mavor Experimental Artillery. See the game ender article for more details.

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