Icon land1 engineer T1 Engineers[e]
UEL0105 build btn URL0105 build btn UAL0105 build btn XSL0105 build btn
Build Costs Energy icon -260
Mass icon -52
Time icon 260
Storage Energy icon 50
Mass icon 10
Build Rate
Time icon5/s
Max Health Health icon UEF20color150

Health iconCybran20color145
Health iconAeon20color120

Health iconSeraphim20color125
Speed 1.9 (Various)
Intel (Radius) Vision: 18
Icon land2 engineer T2 Engineers[e]
UEL0208 build btn URL0208 build btn UAL0208 build btn XSL0208 build btn
Build Costs Energy icon -840
Mass icon -160
Time icon 800
Storage Energy icon 100
Mass icon 20
Build Rate
Time icon10/s
Max Health Health icon UEF20color730

Health iconCybran20color710
Health iconAeon20color620

Health iconSeraphim20color640
Speed 1.9 (Various)
Intel (Radius) Vision: 20
Icon land3 engineer T3 Engineers[e]
UEL0309 build btn URL0309 build btn UAL0309 build btn XSL0309 build btn
Build Costs Energy icon -3150
Mass icon -490
Time icon 2100
Storage Energy icon 400
Mass icon 40
Build Rate
Time icon15/s
Max Health Health icon UEF20color1500

Health iconCybran20color1425
Health iconAeon20color1180

Health iconSeraphim20color1230
Speed 1.9 (Various)
Intel (Radius) Vision: 26

An engineer is a unit that has an engineering suite. An engineer can build, repair, reclaim, capture, and assist. Although it is unarmed, it can attempt to reclaim enemy units, which gradually decreases the unit's health. All engineers are amphibious, allowing them to cross water.

There are three tech levels of engineers. Tech 1 engineers can build tech 1 structures. Tech 2 engineers can build tech 2 structures, as well as tech 1 structures. Tech 3 engineers can build all structures, as well as experimental units.

Build speeds Edit

Higher tech level engineers have higher build rate than lower ones, expending resources at a correspondingly greater rate. A Tech 2 engineer builds twice as fast as a Tech 1 engineer, and a Tech 3 engineer three times as fast as a Tech 1, or 1.5 times as fast as a T2.

Tech 1 Engineers only build half as fast an ACU. However, an ACU with a Tech 2 upgrade builds 3 times as fast as a Tech 2 engineer, and a Tech 3 upgraded ACU, 6 times as fast as a Tech 3 engineer (or 18 times faster than a Tech 1 Engineer).

Engineers of any Tech build exactly 1/4 the speed of a factory of the same level. This means that it takes no more than 4 engineers to double a factory's build speed, aside from the short delay while finished units leave the factory.

The following table compares standard engineering units. For more detailed information on other units' construction speeds, see build rate.

Unit HP Costs Production speed
Tech 1 Engineer Health icon135 Energy icon260 Mass icon52 Time icon260 Time icon5/s
Tech 2 Engineer Health icon675 Energy icon840 Mass icon160 Time icon800 Time icon10/s
UEF Tech 2 Field Engineer "Sparky" Health icon1040 Energy icon1000 Mass icon225 Time icon1000 Time icon10/s
Tech 3 Engineer Health icon1330 Energy icon3150 Mass icon490 Time icon2100 Time icon15/s (20 for Aeon and Sera in 3603)
SCU Health icon32750 Energy icon114000 Mass icon9600 Time icon36000 Time icon60/s Time icon90/s
ACU Health icon11125 Energy icon5000000 Mass icon18000 Time icon60000 Time icon10/s Time icon30/s Time icon90/s

HP* = Calculated as an average value of all 4 factions
Production speed* = Multiple values indicate upgradeable units

In sheer construction time per resources spent, the Tech 1 engineer is best, followed by Tech 2, Tech 3 and finally, SCU. However, Tech 1 requires more micro managing, and die much easier. SCUs are extremely expensive, but have really good build speed and they shine on the battlefield: They are the only engineering units that can build things while taking a beating, making them the perfect combat engineer. They excel at creating point defense creep.

Factional differences Edit

Engineers of all 4 factions cost the same, build at the same speed, move at the same speed, build at the same range, and are overall equal. Both Aeon and Seraphim engineers hover, making them immune to torpedo type weaponry, but in return they have significantly less HP than Cybran and UEF, which travel in the water like surface ships.

Aeon engineers, as well as their SCUs are unique in the fact that they also have the ability to sacrifice themselves—the engineer is destroyed but it instantaneously gives its own mass and power cost to the object being built. This is not only useful to speed up the building process of a must-finish object, but it is a easy way to recycle near death engineers, or to get rid of excess T1 engineers late game, without wasting mass.

Aeon and Cybran engineers are omni-directional; they can initiate operation instantly without turning their body, as long as the targets are within range. They still have to turn to move to the target though.

UEF engineers utilize a turret that can turn to the target much quicker than turning the whole body, and the turret has a 360 turn radius thus UEF engineer can initiate operation almost as fast as Aeon.

The Seraphim engineers is the least efficient when it comes to initiation as their turret is front mounted and can only turn about 45 degrees on the front, thus they have to turn their whole body if the target is slightly off their front, and hovering units turn slower than units on wheels (like Cybran engineers).

Others Edit

There are other units with engineering suite, especially in the UEF faction, and a few in Cybran. There are the fixed helper-type building engineers, which automatically repair, build, assist or reclaim any units in their range, UEF T2 Engineering Station: The Kennel and the Cybran T2 Engineering Station: The Hive, and their respective upgrades. The UEF also has some unique flying Engineer drones, the C-D1 "Rover", C-D2 "Rover" and the C-D2 "Rover-2". These are built in limited numbers by the ACU and the Kennel. The Aeon Harbinger Mark IV carries an engineering suite. Also Cyrban Cybran T1 Assault Bot is equipped with an engineering suite.

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