Energy stalls are situations where a player's energy consumption exceeds his/her production and all energy storage has been depleted. Structures such as shields and radar are shut down, along with units that have abilities that require power, such as the Sparky's Jamming field and the Deceiver's Stealth Field.  Similar to Mass Stalling this will also slow unit/structure production but with worse consequences than mass stalling.

Prevention Edit

Fortunately, Energy stalls are infrequent and very easy to safeguard against with several T2 and T3 Generators that are ringed with Energy Storage Units and protected with Heavy Shields. Depending on the placement of your base and the topography of the map, you will only need AA Defenses if the Generators are effectively isolated from Naval and Land attack. The Aeon Experimental Resource Generator Paragon completely eliminates the risk of Energy Stall by automatically adjusting its energy output to exceed current expenditure. However, the Paragon is an experimental unit that is only available late in the game.

Mass vs Energy Stall

A mass stall only slows production of units and buildings and is commonly encountered by players in game.  Energy stalls, however, are far worse for a player's economy. An energy stall not only slows production due to lack of energy required to build a structure/unit, but also decreases the output of all other mass production facilities.  This means that should a player suffer an energy stall, they usually suffer a mass stall at the same time.  Because of this, to maximize production, if a large amount of Mass fabricators are used the player must keep an eye on their energy consumption.  Should they fall into a deficit, they need to deactivate as many of their mass fabs as necessary to go back to a surplus.

On top of energy stalls causing mass stalls, energy stalls sap power from power consuming structures and units.  Energy consumers will be active for short periods of a few seconds and then shut down until they have built up enough energy to reactivate for another few seconds.  This is most destructive for shields, radar, and weapons that consume energy, as a shield shutting down leaves whatever it is covering vulnerable and targets that were visually identified will change back to 'unknown' on the map.  Energy consuming weapons, specifically a Monkeylord's Heavy Microwave Laser are useless when unsupplied with energy.  However, for some reason GPG set it up in such a way that energy deficits result in the same effect on power structures regardless of energy percentage.  This means that 99% energy production and 50% energy production have the same downtime for energy consumers, although the deficits vary drastically.

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