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Earth is the capital planet of the United Earth Federation and is considered to have paradise conditions. Earth is also the homeworld of humanity and thus the homeworld of all three primary factions: United Earth Federation, Cybran Nation , and Aeon Illuminate.

  • Name: Earth


  • Faction: United Earth Federation
  • Description: Former Earth Empire capital, current UEF capital
  • Terrain: Forests, Oceans, Swamps, Deserts, Tundras, Mountainous, Arctic (Paradise)


The cradle of humanity and man's springboard into space, Earth has long held a nearly mythical place in the hearts of all humans. In the years preceding the colonization of space, Earth was united under a cohesive governing body and enjoyed a long, golden age of peace. With the advent of galactic travel, Earth colonies were established across dozens of worlds, giving birth to an interstellar empire that reigned supreme for centuries as the Earth Empire. The Earth Empire was the center of government, culture, and, unfortunately, corruption.

As the empire buckled under the weight of an inept bureaucracy and the demands of scores of worlds in-fighting and corruption, wars flared across the solar system. However, even in those deadly and chaotic times, people still looked to Earth for inspiration and hope of a more peaceful future.

Now the center of the United Earth Federation, Earth boasts the highest standard of living in the galaxy. From its teeming jungles and lush forests to the architectural marvel that is Earth Headquarters, Earth has once again become the jewel of the galaxy.

All of the factions know that ultimate victory can only come with the possession of Earth. Even as the UEF prepares its defenses, the Aeon and Cybran finalize their plans to conquer and capture this ever-important symbol of humanity.

The end of the Infinite War was the start of Forged Alliance. It seems that the UEF were the real winners of the original campaign, since there was no inter-galactic peace as the end of the Aeon campaign suggested (though there might have possibly been peace in between the end of the Infinite war and the arrival of the Seraphim), and the Cybrans were still hopelessly outgunned. In the Forged Alliance campaign, Procyon and Seraphim II are not mentioned, so it seems that they were destroyed as the UEF campaign claimed at the end. But even so, if the UEF had won, the Aeon and Cybran leaders and elite commanders shouldn't be alive in the first place. Perhaps the firing of Black Sun never really did its intended function; perhaps instead of destroying planets, it acted as a 'key' for the Seraphim to arrive and being absorbed by the quantum rift resulting from the shot instead of reaching the planets.

In Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance, the firing of the Black Sun superweapon creates a soft spot in the quantum realm, allowing the Seraphim to teleport to Earth and destroy some of it but UEF manage to evacuate most of the population. This is the start of the Coalition of Human Defense. After the exile and extermination of the Seraphim, Earth's been intensively repaired and reinhabited to it's former glory.