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Forged Alliance official skirmish map
Debris preview.png
Max Players 8
Size 81x81 km
     Legend says that this was once home to a thriving island community, but a cataclysmic explosion tore the island chain apart. Today, explorers continue to comb the depths in search of answers to what happened.

Debris is an official skirmish map from Forged Alliance.

As the islands are smaller than usual, air drops are not encouraged. A strong navy and airforce is the way to go.

This map is best for Free For All. This map is one of the three largest (81 km) maps, and is unusual in that it includes 10 mass points inside the rush boundries rather than the 5 or 6 on most other maps. If you plan on a strong air force, capture many islands and build air staging facilities on them so your planes can refuel and repair quickly. Naval units are very important on this map. You need several subs and many frigates around 20 (if you play UEF get 30 then your opponent can't hit them without scouting them) Cybrans have the Megalith for this map, the Aeon the Tempest and UEF the Atlantis. The UEF may have an advantage with the Atlantis because it can be underwater so only units with torpedoes can hurt it then and it's the sub in the game so it can carry aircraft and fight easily against naval and air units. The ability to create air units is also nice if you lose some planes. Air dropping land units may help in taking islands but is difficult against enemy AA defenses, so in this case load your air transports up with units that can be dropped into/onto the water short of the defenses (UEF:Percivals, Cybran:Bricks, Aeon:Blaze) and then after dropping them move them onto the island; this prevents enemy defenses from shooting down your air transports.