Damage Over Time, abbreviated DOT, is an attribute of some weapons that causes damage over a span of time rather than all at once, after the weapon has hit.

Usage of DOT weaponry[edit | edit source]

Weapons with DOT can be effective against swarms of moving units due to the ability to hit repeatedly within one salvo, and can also be highly disruptive to factories. However, DOT weapons suffer from substantially reduced damage against a specific moving target, such as an enemy Experimental unit or ACU. While DOT is usually a bad attribute to have, this is offset by the fact that most DOT weapons deal a bit more damage than their non-DOT counterparts.

Damage details[edit | edit source]

When a weapon is said, for example, to deal "1425 (5s DOT)" damage (in the case of the Aeon T3 Mobile Heavy Artillery: Serenity), this means that every projectile take 5 seconds to deal their full 1425 damage. These weapons also have a "DOTpulse" attribute which defines the period at which damage is dealt. This is because the damage is not dealt in continuous manner, but in a punctual manner. For example, the Serenity deals 95 damage 15 times, once every 0.3 seconds. This, however, is usually invisible to the end player.

Weapons with DOT[edit | edit source]

Weapons that typically deal damage over time are the UEF non-strategic bombs, Aeon artillery (mobile or fixed) and Cybran torpedoes. Technically, beam weaponry does not have the DOT attribute, as it deals continuous damage, rather than hitting once, and letting the damage spread out over time.

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