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The Cybran prefer weapons with a high rate of fire. Their direct fire weapons are usually laser based, with a high accuracy and a very low firing arc. Their indirect fire weapons lose accuracy in favor of damage radius, making them perfect for indiscriminate destruction.

Please make sure you understand the terms T1, T2, T3, T4, Rate of fire (ROF), Damage per second (DPS), Damage radius, and Damage before reading this article.

Direct Fire[]

Corsair Missile Launcher[]

The Corsair Missile Launcher fires a cluster of four bombs that each do 200 damage over a small area of effect.

The Corsair Missile Launcher is used by the Corsair T2 Fighter/Bomber.

Molecular Ripper Cannon[]

The Molecular Ripper Cannon is the main weapon of the ACU. It has the same characteristics as all other ACU weapons, and it's ROF can be upgraded.

Light Pulse Laser[]

An Auto Gun T1 point defense exchanges Light Pulse Laser fire with a group of Hunters

The Light Pulse Laser is a fast hitting, accurate and moderately damaging light weapon only used by T1 units. It's DPS is average but its high ROF helps prevent overkill.

The Light Pulse Laser is used by the Hunter T1 light assault bot, the Mantis T1 Heavy Assault Bot, the Auto Gun T1 point defense and the Sliver T1 Attack Submarine (when surfaced).

Iridium Rocket Pack[]

The Iridium Rocket Pack is a direct fire weapon with an average DPS and ROF. With a high damage radius, it's very good against groups of T1 or T2 units.

The Iridium Rocket Pack is used by the Renegade T2 Gunship, the Hoplite T2 Rocket Bot, and the Soul Ripper Experimental Gunship.

Meson Rocket[]

The Meson Rocket has high initial shot damage, high DPS, but low muzzle velocity.

The Meson Rocket is used by the Wagner T2 Amphibious Tank.

Heavy Electron Bolter[]

A Soul Ripper fires its twin Heavy Electron Bolters at some Cybran wall sections

The Heavy Electron Bolter is usually a secondary weapon to increase effectiveness against lower tech units. It has high ROF, low DPS and very low damage. It is extremely useful for faster units like sniper bots and T2 or T1 units. Experimental units have slower but much more powerful versions and are often capable of independent targeting.

The Heavy Electron Bolter is used by the Loyalist T3 Siege Assault Bot, the Wagner T2 Amphibious Tank, the Monkeylord Experimental Spiderbot and the Soul Ripper Experimental Gunship.

Particle cannon[]

Two Rhinos firing their Particle Cannons at a Hunter

The Particle Cannon is a rapidly firing ground to ground beam weapon. It has extremely high muzzle velocity and ROF and is very effective against fast-moving T1 and T2 units, but less effective against T3 and experimental units. The particle beam's low firing arc means it will often collide with the ground, missing its target.

The Particle cannon is used by the Rhino T2 Heavy Tank and the Cerberus T2 Point Defense.

Disintegrator Pulse Laser[]

Loyalists easily destroying Hunters with their Disintegrator Pulse Lasers

The Disintegrator Pulse Laser is essentially a higher powered version of the Light Pulse Laser and does higher damage, but only fires in short bursts. This weapon is powerful and versatile, capable of defeating both small and fast units as well as larger tougher ones with comparable success. It is effective against units of all tech levels, and a great weapon for destroying buildings and big armies.

The Disintegrator Pulse Laser is used by the Loyalists T3 Siege Assault Bot, Dragon Fly Cybran T2 air transport (where it is reported to have an EMP effect) and Support ACUs.

Heavy Disintegrator Pulse Laser[]

The Heavy Disintegrator Pulse Laser is used by the The Brick Armored Assault Bot. It is excellent againist T1-T2 units and decent against T3 as its quick rate of fire helps prevent overkill. It is a heavy direct-fire weapon.

Heavy Laser Autogun[]

The Heavy Laser Autogun is used by the Jester T1 Light Gunship as it's main weapon. While pitiful on its own but it exceeds well in numbers.

Heavy Microwave Laser[]

A Monkeylord firing its Heavy Microwave Laser.

The Heavy Microwave Laser is Cybran's premier direct Fire Weapons Technology, and the signature weapon of the Monkeylord. This is a terrifyingly powerful weapon that draws energy in order to maintain a strong continuous beam that can sweep across targets with an extremely high DPS; 12,000 in Vanilla SupCom, and 4,000 in Forged Alliance.

Due to Forged Alliance's cheap experimental concept, the laser has been nerfed but this can be compensated by building the Monkeylord up much quicker and more efficiently, costing only 16,000 mass. It is highly respected and can assassinate ACUs alarmingly quickly.

The Heavy Microwave Laser is used by the Monkeylord, and a light version as an upgrade for the Cybran ACU.


Cluster Neutron Bomb[]

The Cluster Neutron Bomb drops multiple radioactive shells that do medium damage over a wide radius. Of the four faction's T1 bomber bombs, it is the one that deals the highest amount of area damage due to shells that spread out from the point of impact.

The Cluster Neutron Bomb is used by the Zeus T1 Attack Bomber.

Neutron Bomb[]

The Neutron Bomb drops a concentrated version of the cluster neutron bomb that makes a single explosion with a large area of effect and damage. As it has the highest damage radius and lowest damage, it is most suitable for attacking clusters of unshielded structures or units as opposed to penetrating shields.

The Neutron Bomb is used by the Revenant T3 Strategic Bomber.

Indirect Fire[]

EMP Flux Warhead[]

The EMP Flux Warhead is easily the most dangerous Nuke available at Tech 3. Not only does it do massive damage, but it releases an EMP blast that immobilizes anything that is within the blast radius. This prevents them from possible escaping and allowing you to pick off the occasional survivor. The EMP blast actually is larger than the Nuke blast itself.

The EMP Flux Warhead is used by the Plan B T3 Strategic Missile Submarine and Liberator T3 strategic missile launcher.

EMP Grenade Launcher[]

The EMP Grenade Launcher is a long range artillery weapon with a large damage radius and high firing randomness. Despite only being available on a T1 unit, its ability to freeze enemy units makes it useful even against T3 units.

The EMP Grenade Launcher is used by the Medusa T1 Mobile Light Artillery.

Loa Tactical Missile[]

A Viper launches a Loa Tactical Missile

The Loa Tactical Missile is the Cybran's equivalent of the UEF's Long Range Cruise Missiles and Aeon's Serpentine Missile system. It's performance is fairly similar to the UEF missiles with one exception: if hit with TMD it will split into a cluster of 4 bombs, making it troublesome for sparsely protected regions.

The Loa Tactical Missile is used by the Viper T2 Mobile Missile Launcher, the Plan B T3 Strategic Missile Submarine and the TML-4 T2 Tactical Missile Launcher.

Proton Artillery[]

The Proton Artillery is used by the Scathis Experimental Mobile Rapid-Fire Artillery and the Disruptor T3 Heavy Artillery Installation. It is highly inaccurate but inflicts serious damage as the ROF is often high.

Resonance Artillery[]

The Resonance Artillery is used by the Gunther T2 Artillery Installation. It sacrifices accuracy and damage for Damage radius. It is most suited to firing at clusters of oncoming units or unshielded bases, and cannot effectively hit a single target.


Nano Dart[]

A Siren Class unleashes its Nano Dart swarm.

The Nano Dart is a dual-purpose, short-ranged anti-air, direct fire weapon. The Nano Dart has a slow acceleration time but speeds up drastically afterwards. It homes in on air-targets, inflicting serious damage, and is often fired rapidly. Unlike its counterparts, it is an Surface-to-All Missile system so can be fired at both ground and air although less accurately against ground targets due to being fired dumb.

The Nano Dart is used by the Siren Class T2 Cruiser and Sky Slammer T1 Mobile Anti-Air Gun.

Nanite Missile System[]

The Nanite Missile System is an upgraded version of the Nano-Dart; A highly specialized anti-aircraft missile system that is fired very rapidly at enemy airborne targets but can't attack ground targets.

The Nanite Missile system is used by the Corsair T2 Fighter/Bomber, the Gemini T3 Air-Superiority Fighter, the Wailer T3 Heavy Gunship, the Myrmidon T3 Anti-Air SAM Launcher, Cybran sACU as an upgrade, the Monkeylord Experimental Spiderbot, and the Soul Ripper Experimental Gunship.

Electron Autocannon[]

The Electron Autocannon is a light AA weapon. The Electron Autocannon provides significant AA ability capable of taking down T1 and T2 units consistently. Attributes include high muzzle velocity and good ROF.

The Electron Autocannon is used by the Prowler T1 Interceptor, Tracer T1 Anti-Air Turret, Trident Class T1 Frigate, Salem Class T2 Destroyer, Command Class T3 Aircraft Carrier, Galaxy Class T3 Battleship, and Revenant T3 Strategic Bomber.

Electron Flak[]

Electron Flak fired by a Burst Master.

The Electron Flak is the Cybran standard flak weapon, and deals area damage with some firing randomness. It's highly effective at taking out groups of tech 1 and tech 2 units, but works poorly against high speed units and is only mediocre against air experimental units.

The Electron Flak is used by the Burst Master T2 Anti-Air Flak Artillery, Banger T2 Mobile AA Flak Artillery and Megalith Experimental Megabot.

Naval Weaponry[]

Kril Torpedo[]

The Kril Torpedo is used by the HARMS T3 Torpedo Ambushing System and is extremely effective at taking down anything in its path.

Proton Cannon[]

A Siren firing its Proton Cannons

The Proton Cannon is a long range naval cannon that fires a large yellow explosive energy round. It is used to attack naval and ground units along with bombarding enemy bases by sea. The Proton cannon possesses a very high ROF, above-average DPS, average damage radius, and low firing randomness.

The Trident Class T1 Frigate mounts a lighter, multi-purpose one and both the Salem Class and Siren Class mount medium, multi-purpose proton cannons, while the Galaxy Class mounts 2 heavy ones with land bombardment in mind.

Two extremely powerful versions are also mounted on the Megalith T4 Megabot.

The Proton Cannon is used by the Trident Class T1 Frigate, the Salem Class T2 Destroyer, Siren Class T2 Cruiser, Galaxy Class T3 Battleship and the Megalith Experimental Megabot.

Meson Torpedo[]

The Meson Torpedo launches a small, low damage Torpedo, and is intended primarily for self-defense against naval threats. Units with this weapon are not effective at attacking naval units or defenses and should not be thrust into such a role.

The Meson Torpedo is used by the Wagner T2 Amphibious Tank and the Monkeylord Experimental Spiderbot.

Nanite Torpedo[]

Nanite Torpedo, launched by a Salem Class.

The Nanite Torpedo is a powerful, stronger offensive torpedo weapon effective against most naval units. It has a high DPS and a low ROF in contrast to Cybran's Meson Torpedo; Which is used only for self-defense on certain units. As the name applies, it inflicts a "poison" effect that inflicts further damage briefly.

The Nanite Torpedo is used by the Sliver T1 Attack Submarine, the Salem Class T2 Destroyer, the Galaxy Class T3 Battleship, the Megalith Experimental Megabot, the Plan B T3 Strategic Missile Submarine, the Cormorant T2 Torpedo Bomber, the Scuttle T1 Torpedo Launcher, the Nanite Torpedo Array T2 Torpedo Launcher and the Cybran ACU can be equipped with it.

The Brick Heavy Assault Bot is also equipped with this weapon, but this version has extremely low DPS, more like the Meson Torpedo.


A Command Class carrier with its Zapper Anti Missile visible. (Green Orb)

Anti-Torpedo Flare[]

The Anti-Torpedo Flare is a soft-kill defense that deploys to divert incoming torpedoes.

It is used by the Barracuda T2 Submarine Killer, the CI:18 Mermaid T2 Counter-Intelligence Boat, The Brick T3 Armored Assault Bot and the Megalith Experimental Megabot.

Anti Torpedo Solution[]

The Anti Torpedo Solution is a soft-kill measure used by the Salem Class T2 Destroyer.


Due to the nature of their strategies, the Cybrans excel and employ stealth and counter-intel technology, and are the only faction utilizing cloaking technology, barring the Seraphim T1 Light Assault Bot/Scout(Selen).

As such, they are the only ones that have mobile stealth generatorsl; Having both a land and naval variant. The Cybran Armoured Commander Unit also has the option to mount a cloaking generator, which renders it invisible to radar AND line of sight, making it nearly invincible. This, combined with the microwave laser upgrade, makes the Cybran ACU a terrorizing entity on the battlefield; Keep in mind that stealth and cloaking technology are negated by Omni Sensors. Spy planes, other ACUs and SCUs, T3 Radar stations, and the Galactic Colossus; All can be equipped with Omni Sensors. Always make sure you know which units you know have Omni Sensors, or you could be making your ACU a Suicide Bomber.

Zapper Anti Missile[]

The Zapper Anti Missile is a powerful hard-kill tactical missile defense because of its ability to rapidly consistently shoot down missiles. However, it has a comparatively low ROF and can be easily overwhelmed by a large volume of missiles.

The Zapper Anti Missile is used by the Zapper T2 Tactical Missile Defense, the Siren Class T2 Cruiser, the Command Class T3 Aircraft Carrier, and the Galaxy Class T3 Battleship.


Brackman Hack Peg Launcher[]

The Brackman Hack Peg Launcher is a Megalith mounted weapon used only once during the Forged Alliance campaign, when Brackman destroys the QAI structure. It can not be used again after the cutscene, and is only avaliable on a trigger.

The Brackman Hack Peg Launcher is used only by a specially modified Megalith Experimental Megabot in the 5th Forged Alliance mission.


EMPs (an abbreviation for Electro Magnetic Pulse) will short-circuit units and temporarily disable them. This is usually only a secondary (but nonetheless useful) effect of the unit's weapon or its death. However, they cannot affect command units or experimentals except when delivered as part of a death effect such as that of the Loyalist.

The Cybran weapons with EMP effects are:

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