Cybran icon structure3 intel Cybran T3 Sonar Platform: Flood XR[e]
URS0305 build btn
Sonar system with exceptional range. Detects and tracks naval units. Equipped with a stealth field generator.
Build Costs Energy icon -14400
Mass icon -480
Time icon 900
Energy icon -250
Max Health Health icon 850
Speed 4.5 (Water)
Intel (Radius) Stealth: 45
Vision: 32
Water Vision: 24
Sonar: 450

The Cybran T3 Sonar Platform is a Cybran unit. This is an intelligence unit.

This unit also has a built in stealth field, which can hide friendly units within it from enemy sonar and radar. Note that the stealth field is much larger than all factions stationary stealth field generators.

The only effective counter to the stealth field are T3 spy planes, T3 omni sensor array, or things keeping a line of sight radius around your base (i.e. with multiple Attack Subs). The Flood allows Cybran commanders to sneak attack even with a naval force, or hide their own forces and positions, much like the Mermaid does, but with a larger stealth field.

Comparison to the MermaidEdit

While they both act as mobile stealth fields over water, the Flood has a larger stealth field radius, and its large sonar radius is often helpful to fleets as they move. Its low health however means that it should usually be kept behind the rest of the fleet at all times. It has a quicker build time, a lower mass cost, but a much higher energy cost (over twice the energy in 1/3 of the build time). The Flood consumes a larger amount of energy per second, does not have radar and has a lower speed. Since it also has no anti-torpedoes (unlike the Mermaid), it is useful purely for its stealth and its sonar. This means that either is a viable option, although for larger fleets, the Flood will often be better due to its larger stealth field radius.


Cybran Flood XR

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