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Cybran T3 Perimeter Monitoring System: Soothsayer Cybran T3 Perimeter Monitoring System:  Soothsayer
Cybran T3 Perimeter Monitoring System: Soothsayer
Offers complete line-of-sight within its operational area.[ e ]
Build costsEnergy icon.png -60000
Mass icon.png -4800
Time icon.png 800
Energy icon.png -3000
Max healthHealth icon.png 500
Intel (radius) Vision: 200

The Cybran T3 Perimeter Monitoring System, nicknamed the Soothsayer, is a Cybran intelligence structure. It disperses nano cameras up to a specific radius, equivalent to an Omni Sensor Array's omni range, granting visual intel all around it.

The Soothsayer consumes 3000 energy in order to disperse and maintain its field of nano cameras and provide vision. This energy drain may be reduced through energy adjacency bonuses. One adjacent T3 Power Generator is just about enough to sustain it.

The Soothsayer is best built near the front lines, but it has no weapons or other provisions to defend itself, and has only 500 hit points. While slightly tougher than other sensors, it is also much bigger, particularly taller, and thus only shields with larger domes can securely protect it from incoming enemy fire.

On smaller maps this will reveal almost 90% of the map. It is important to make sure you still have omni-sensors built in your base also as the Soothsayer does not reveal anything beyond its vision range, however large it may be. A Tech 3 Omni has a much larger radar range and gives much earlier warning to threats, while with just the Soothsayer you get it with a little shorter notice, and can see what the attacking force is.

Although it will only rarely become an issue, it's worth remembering that the Soothsayer is not an omni radar suite and subsequently does not allow you to detect cloaked units. This can be quite distressing to forget when an upgraded Cybran ACU walks up to your lines while invisible before opening up with a Heavy Microwave Laser.

Cybran T3 perimeter monitoring system "Soothsayer"