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Tech 3 Air Units
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Cybran T3 Heavy Gunship: Wailer Cybran T3 Heavy Gunship:  Wailer
Cybran T3 Heavy Gunship: Wailer
Heavy gunship armed with Nanite missiles, Disintegration Pulse lasers and a radar jamming suite. Offers direct fire support.[ e ]
Build costsEnergy icon.png -35000
Mass icon.png -1680
Time icon.png 8400
Energy icon.png -25
Max healthHealth icon.png 5900
8 (Air)
Fuel icon.png13:20
Veterancy Cybran veteran icon.png Kills icon.png 12 ( Health icon.png +3/s)
Intel (radius) Vision: 32
Direct Fire - Projectile
Damage per second 300
Projectile damage 150
Rate of fire 2 Projectiles/s
Range (min–max) 2 – 25
Anti Air - Projectile
Damage per second 18
Projectile damage 6
Salvo size 3 Projectiles (in 0.2 s)
Reload time 1 seconds
Range 38
Weapon: Air Crash
Damage 100
Damage radius 1

The Cybran T3 Heavy Gunship, nicknamed the Wailer, is a Cybran unit. This heavy gunship is armed with a Disintegrator Pulse Laser for ground attack, a Nanite Missile Launcher for anti-air defense, and a radar-jamming suite. It offers direct fire support.

This gunship has a powerful laser capable of easily destroying groups of ground units, and provides focused, high damage killing power in contrast to the T2 Gunship's carpet-type rockets. A single Wailer is much more effective than a swarm of weaker gunships, as it can't get annihilated by flak so easily.

This unit is the Cybran's answer to the UEF's Broadsword and the Aeon's Restorer. Unlike other Cybran T3 air units, the Wailer features radar jamming instead of stealth. Its anti-air weapon is better than that of the Broadsword, but only marginally, and it is hard-pressed to protect it from anything tougher than a few stray interceptors. Its anti-air rockets, in comparison, lack the distance of the Aeon Restorers' rockets.

The Wailer is much closer to the Broadsword than the Restorer. Although its AA is better than the Broadsword's (no great accomplishment, as the Broadsword's AA is one of the weakest weapons in the game) its firepower is focused on destroying ground units with its powerful laser, giving it a similar battlefield role. Although the most fragile T3 gunship, its jamming suite gives it some protection from direct-targeted AA attacks which rely on radar to pick out a target, such as T3 SAM batteries.

The Father, not the successor[edit | edit source]

The Wailer is NOT meant to replace the more formidable Renegade. It is meant to assist it as a specialty unit.

The Renegade is the ace-in-the-hole of any Cybran air commander, no matter how far the game has come along. It can just as easily pick off Mass Extractors as it can tear apart massive armies of any size or tech level. This is due to its excessive splash damage. The Wailer has no splash damage. Because of this, it should simply augment hordes of Renegades, providing Radar Jamming, damage tanking, and focused damage.

The Renegade is just as, if not more mass-efficient than the Wailer. 5 Renegades cost less than a single Wailer, in both terms of energy and mass, yet provide the same DPS, not including splash damage (if you do include splash damage, the DPS is multiplied by however many units are in the splash radius).

However, if you're looking for a flying damage tank, the Soul Ripper will work just as well as Wailers (for a slightly better price:longevity ratio against flak, but a lesser price:longevity ratio against SAM defenses).

To sum it up, Wailers should augment Renegades, NOT replace them. This would be a stupid move by any Cybran player. Wailers should not be ignored, however, and provide useful radar jamming as well as flying experimental-killing fire power.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

When Cybran gunships are moving, they give off a red glow similar to the green glow of Aeon hover units.

The Wailer is the only air unit with radar jamming .

The Wailer, when in close combat with the Restorer, can easily destroy it one-on-one with its weapon.

Cybran Wailer

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