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Tech 2 Naval Units
Submarine HunterXES0102 build btnXRS0204 build btnXAS0204 build btnNo-unit
DestroyerUES0201 build btnURS0201 build btnUAS0201 build btnXSS0201 build btn
CruiserUES0202 build btnURS0202 build btnUAS0202 build btnXSS0202 build btn
Naval DefenseXES0205 build btnXRS0205 build btnNo-unitNo-unit
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Attack SubmarineUES0203 build btnURS0203 build btnUAS0203 build btnXSS0203 build btn
Submarine HunterXES0102 build btnXRS0204 build btnXAS0204 build btnXSS0304 build btn
DestroyerNo-unitNo-unitNo-unitXSS0201 build btn
Strategic Missile SubmarineUES0304 build btnURS0304 build btnUAS0304 build btnNo-unit
Experimental SubmarineUES0401 build btnNo-unitUAS0401 build btnNo-unit
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Stealth units
Tech 1 Land ScoutNo-unitNo-unitNo-unitXSL0101 build btn
Tech 2 Mobile Stealth Field SystemNo-unitURL0306 build btnNo-unitNo-unit
Tech 2 Submarine KillerNo-unitXRS0204 build btnNo-unitNo-unit
Tech 2 Counter-Intelligence BoatNo-unitXRS0205 build btnNo-unitNo-unit
Tech 2 Stealth Field GeneratorUEB4203 build btnURB4203 build btnUAB4203 build btnXSB4203 build btn
Tech 3 Spy PlaneNo-unitURA0302 build btnNo-unitNo-unit
Tech 3 Air Superiority FighterNo-unitURA0303 build btnNo-unitNo-unit
Tech 3 Strategic BomberNo-unitURA0304 build btnNo-unitNo-unit
Tech 3 Sonar PlatformNo-unitURS0305 build btnNo-unitNo-unit
ExperimentalNo-unitURL0402 build btnNo-unitNo-unit
Cybran icon sub2 antinavy Cybran T2 Submarine Killer:  Barracuda
XRS0204 build btn
Mid-level anti-naval unit. Equipped with mobile sonar stealth. Effective against surface vessels and submerged units.[ e ]
Build costsEnergy icon -8800
Mass icon -1100
Time icon 4400
Energy icon -30
Max healthHealth icon 1430
Speed6.5 (SurfacingSub)
Veterancy Cybran veteran icon Kills icon 8 ( Health icon +2/s)
Intel (radius)Stealth: Self
Vision: 32
Water vision: 32
Sonar: 60
Anti Navy - Torpedo
Damage per second 113
Torpedo damage 75  (0.5s DoT)
Salvo size 6 Torpedos (in 1.5 s)
Reload time 4 seconds
Range 45
Defense - Anti Torpedo
Damage per second 0
Anti Torpedo damage 2
Salvo size 2 Anti Torpedos
Reload time 20 seconds
Range 25

The Cybran T2 Submarine Killer, nicknamed the Barracuda, is a Cybran submarine unit. It is a mid-level anti-naval unit, equipped with mobile sonar and stealth. Armed with a single Nanite Torpedo system and an Anti-Torpedo charge, it is effective against surface vessels and submerged units, though better equipped to deal with submarines.

Compared to its faction equivalent units, the Aeon Vesper and the UEF Cooper Torpedo Boat, the Barracuda is notably more fragile, but possesses notably more powerful torpedoes. This makes it better at attacking units that can't strike back at it, able to kill them faster than either of the other 2, but also more vulnerable to tough units like T2 Torpedo Launchers and naval experimentals. Its stealth combined with its firepower makes it arguably the best of the T2 anti-naval units.


A Surfaced Barracuda

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