Cybran icon structure2 directfire Cybran T2 Point Defense: Cerberus[e]
URB2301 build btn
Heavily armored defensive tower that attacks land- and sea-based units. Does not engage aircraft or submerged units.
Build Costs Energy icon -3400
Mass icon -480
Time icon 400
Max Health Health icon 2000
Veterancy Cybran veteran icon Kills icon 12 ( Health icon +2/s)
Intel (Radius) Vision: 28
Direct Fire - Beam
DPS 81
Beam  Damage
18  (0.3s DoT)
Salvo Size
Rate of Fire
3 Beams
1.5 salvos/s
Range 50

The Cybran T2 Point Defense, nicknamed the Cerberus, is a Cybran unit. This is a direct fire unit.

The Cerberus is a powerful PD the Cybran army uses extensively. Its triple-beam Particle Cannon makes it extremely potent against low tech units as it can hit any land unit no matter how small or how fast due to its instantaneous contact and long weapons Range.

The Cerberus, suffers from some extremely low initial shot damage and overall low DPS (considerably less than other tech 2 point defences). However, because of its high accuracy and rate of fire (it's 0.7 seconds/salvo !), it can single handedly wipe out entire tech 1 armies, and put substantial damage on tech 2 units.

However, because of its low DPS, the Cerberus very quickly becomes inefficient against against stronger and slower targets. The Cerberus is quite bad at PD creep, and will put minimal damage on tech 3 or experimental units.

While the Cerberus is a staunch improvement over the Auto Gun in terms of range, its raw DPS is actually only half, for a higher cost. Use Auto Guns in conjunction with Cerberus for maximum effectiveness, though enemy units can get a little to close for comfort before the Auto gun kicks in, and even then they will probably be able to open fire.

While the Cerberus is very good early and mid game, its low DPS just won't be enough for end game, and other solutions will have to be deployed. While the cerberus's range and tracking are still useful to soften up an aproaching enemy in the late game, the autogun should be replaced with stationary Bricks or, less desirably, Loyalists.

Always watch the terrain you install this point defense on, as the particle cannons are very likely to collide with the terrain rather than its intended target.

Trivia Edit

  • In Roman and Greek mythology, Cerberus was a three-headed hound who guarded the entrance to the Underworld. This unit may be named the Cerberus because it has three weapons, as the mythical Cerbeus had three heads.


A Cybran Tech 2 Point Defense

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