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Tech 2 Air Unit
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Torpedo BomberUEA0204 build btn.pngURA0204 build btn.pngUAA0204 build btn.pngXSA0204 build btn.png
GunshipUEA0203 build btn.pngURA0203 build btn.pngUAA0203 build btn.pngXSA0203 build btn.png
Air TransportUEA0104 build btn.pngURA0104 build btn.pngUAA0104 build btn.pngXSA0104 build btn.png
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Tech 2 GunshipUEA0203 build btn.pngURA0203 build btn.pngUAA0203 build btn.pngXSA0203 build btn.png
Tech 3 Heavy/AA GunshipUEA0305 build btn.pngXRA0305 build btn.pngXAA0305 build btn.pngNo-unit.png
ExperimentalNo-unit.pngURA0401 build btn.pngNo-unit.pngNo-unit.png
Cybran T2 Gunship: Renegade Cybran T2 Gunship:  Renegade
Cybran T2 FA Gunship: RenegadeCybran T2 Fast-attack copter. Armed with twin rocket tubes.: Renegade
Fast-attack copter. Armed with twin rocket tubes.[ e ]
Build costsEnergy icon.png -6000
Mass icon.png -300
Time icon.png 2000
Max healthHealth icon.png 1040
12 (Air)
Fuel icon.png6:40
Veterancy Cybran veteran icon.png Kills icon.png 6 ( Health icon.png +2/s)
Intel (radius) Vision: 32
Direct Fire - Projectile
Damage per second 60
Projectile damage 20
Damage radius 3
Salvo size 3 Projectiles (in 0.4 s)
Reload time 1 seconds
Range 22
Weapon: Air Crash
Damage 100
Damage radius 1

The Cybran T2 Gunship, nicknamed the Renegade, is a Cybran unit. This is a gunship.

The Renegade has average HP and is equipped with an Iridium Rocket Pack.

The Renegade is an extremely potent T2 gunship due to its large AoE. As such, it is very effective versus groups of enemy ground forces and groups enemy structures, as well as groups of enemy gunships. The Renegade is best employed against these unit types.

With the release of Forged Alliance, the Renegade's model was completely changed to fit in better with the rest of the Cybran gunships, and units in general. The old model resembled a rotorless helicopter, and did not feature any of the sharp edges and pointy appendages typical of Cybran units. Although its appearance changed, statistically it's exactly the same.

The Cybran T2 Gunship is arguably the best T2 gunship of all of the factions, considering they all do similar damage (60 DPS except for the Aeon T2 gunship which has 65) because of its large splash damage. A good strategy for Cybran players is to use Jesters to harass early incoming T1 units, and while the enemy is rebuilding their forces, build a T2 Air Factory and some Renegades. Because of their large splash damage area, they are great for smashing armies of T1 units. Two Renegades can stop a group of 30 in very little time with very little trouble.

The Renegade is useful even after T3 units become available because the Cybran T3 Gunship lacks splash damage, and are best for sniping ACUs or experimentals, while Renegades, in large groups, can stop huge armies of T2 units, or large forces of T3.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The Renegade is the only non-experimental gunship in the game to have Area of Effect damage.

Also, whenever Cybran gunships are moving, they give off a red glow similar to the green glow of Aeon hover units.

Two old model Cybran Renegades in close formation

The Cybran Renegade's new model

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