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Cybran is a faction that relies heavily on stealth and adaptibility. Their units have high accuracy, and are good at hitting. One way to make use of their stealth capabilities is to combine tech 3 sonars with monkeylords and other units.

Find a good location away from enemy omni-sensors. Establish several tech 3 sonar platforms in a triangle around a large area. Once established have your commander and support commanders start building several monkeylords within the range of the sonar stealth field. Once built make sure their stealth fields are active. Use naval units or large numbers of ground and air forces to distract enemy forces away from a section of their base defense.

Once your first units enter range of the base, use a SEAD to take out enemy air defense so bombers can take out their omni sensors. Once the sensors are down have the monkeylords advance behind a decent sized naval force. The enemy will move to intercept your naval forces. At this point they will probably see the monkeylords. As long as you are close to their base you will be fine. Continue to advance the monkeylords into the base. hopefully they will be unable to counter this attack. If they pull their mobile defenses over to the monkeylords then your ground forces will have a much easier time.

This strategy should never be used on its own. Combine it with other attack strategies in order to win. Naval Superiority is a great way to get this to work, as there is less chance of the enemy seeing your monkeylords.

Another, more effective and less costly option, is to make your ACU into a battle-hardened Ninja. Fairly easy to do, first upgrading your ACU to have the Microwave Laser and the two stealth systems, then getting the T2 and T3 upgrades. Doing the Tech upgrades later ensures your ACU doesn't drain resources at an alarming rate, allowing you to do this with a small T2 economy. Once your ACU is fully upgraded, it is crucial that you check and destroy any Omni Sensors your opponents have.

Now comes the fun parts. If you're up against the computer, then it is probably best to just attack his command unit... But if they are another player, then you might be good scaring them to death. Patrol around his base with your invisible ACU, destroying his outlaying mass extractors and defensive units. This will put them into a panic and frenzy to erect defences for a Monkeylord or some other stealth unit.

At this point, you can either march right into his base, destroying everything (And making your ACU a veteran) on your path to the opponent. Or, you can make your ACU hold fire, and walk right in without your enemy knowing. Once next to his ACU, click attack and watch your friend's face erupt in horror as the game just ended and he has absolutely no idea how or why! I would advise staying away from all ACUs and SCUs because they have omini sensors in them. Even if the omini range is very small his defences will kill your ACU very quickly. And rember if your power supply runs out for even a second the enermy can fire two tactical missiles which will instantly kill a non vereran cybran ACU. You can easily destroy a monkeylord in seconds with your commander. Dont ever attack a Galactic Collossos with it because they have omini and they will vaporise your commander before he can vaporise it. A good way to counter this stratergy is to get an omini quickly and if your economy cannot support the 2500 power drain then get upgraded sensor suite on your ACU (not avalable to all factions), it will greatly increase your ACUs omini range and render the cybran ninja ACU strategy almost obslete.

TML stacks[]

(I have tested this only on two human players on the Open Palms map and a few times against AI so feel free to edit/delete it if you find this ineffective.)

When playing against any faction, but especily Cybran against UEF, pay attention to their TMLs. Unless you are Aeon, their rockets are really hard to block as they split in smaller ones when hit. If you are playing a larger map (at least 10*10 with lots of land.), it gets harder to monitor every single corner. If the enemy appears to be turtling (massing experimentals/building a game ender) and you are in a temporary stalemate, use them! The UEF TMD is especily innefective against Cybran missiles because they split and then shoot the missile the main one splits into letting other missiles through.

First you must manage to suppress the enemy scouts or at least make them miss a certain spot not too far from the main base Having a intie spam and air control will GREATLY help you if you are using this tactic Try to keep inties away from the missile site however as if the oponent sees lots of planes on patrol near his base they will want to investigate instantly destoying all your hard work. Even if a single scout gets through and the base is spotted it will either be quickly dispatched or they will build lots of TMD covering vital areas. If you find a patch of ground with next to none strategic importance (no mass deposits, it has to be deserted), send a stealthed T2 engineer accompanied by a Deceiver. Send enough engineers to get the job one quickly but not so many they become inneficient and not so many that you will lose lots of mass of the transports are shot down. Now carry on doing whatever you were doing before. The enemy must not know something fishy is going on. When the engineer arrives build a T1 radar and a shield (Dirt cheap but gives you time in case the enemy finds you) and a few TMLs. The whole "patch" won't cost more than 6K mass in this case (5 TMLs, one missile for each) but feel free to build more if the enemy base is heavily shielded or you think you can get an ACU hit.

When at least one of those TML patches is ready (one/two rockets are ready to fire), you should have your target and know where to find it. If the enemy ACU is getting an upgrade (And therefore stands still), FIRE AWAY and watch the fireworks. A direct hit with 5 rockets does 30K damage and however hard the enemy TMDs try some will get though. If you have two salvos of this size, an ACU can be sniped and killed through all but the heaviest shielding. Still, this is a surgical strike and you should only target important and volatile structures (T3 power generators, Strategic missile defences, experimentals).

If the enemy is at least partially intelligent, your cover won't last long. But taking out 2 power generatory makes him lose as much mass as you invested in building a patch and probably cripple his shielding for a while. the target priorotys are in this order

1) ACU

2) Experementals if they are being build or just sitting there or anything else that is a big threat to you eg nukes and Game enders.

3) T3 Pgens

4) T2 mex with storage or T3 mex if they have them

5) T3 shields if they have them. These cost about 4k mass each

6) T2 Pgens

7) T2 mex without storage

8) T2 radar. If your oponent forgets to build one again for a few mins this could open up some oppertunities for fast air strikes on there expansions or outlying mex for a bit as there fighters wont have time to react without radar.

9) Anything else that cost more than 180 mass; The cost of one missile. T1 facs, T3 land units if they are still and not loyalists, ASFs if they are on the ground, T3 factories, Destoyers if there are no cruisers around and anything else like that. Sometimes sniping T1 mex can be effective. A T1 mex cost far less than a missile but if the oponent cant rebuild it under 60 seconds the missile will have payed itself back. Hydrocarbons also make good targets because they can cause a power stall .

Pros: When pulled off, this will effectively cripple the opponent and leave him vunerable to nukes or assaults . If a strike force is nearby, it can just march in). If you are lucky and get the ACU. BOOM. The cost of trying this quite big. for the same price your opponent could get a few percivals and march towards your ACU.

Cons: If you choose a wrong spot or the enemy just randomly flies a scout over the spot, the strike is ruined. In that case, FIRE AWAY at anything you deem worthy so the missiles don't go to waste. After the missiles have been fired andthe base discovered self destuct the base and reclaim it with the engineers you have. Also this DOES NOT work against Aeon as Volcanoes deflect the missiles and effectively negate any damage