Cybran icon commander generic Cybran Armored Command Unit[e]
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Houses Commander. Combination barracks and command center. Contains all the blueprints necessary to build a basic army from scratch.
Build Costs Energy icon -5000000
Mass icon -18000
Time icon 60000
Storage Energy icon 4000
Mass icon 650
Production Energy icon 10
Mass icon 1
Build Rate
Build Rate 2
Build Rate 3
Time icon10/s
Time icon30/s
Time icon90/s
Max Health Health icon 10000 (+15/sec)
Speed 1.7 (Amphibious)
Veterancy Cybran veteran icon Kills icon 20 ( Health icon +3/s)
Intel (Radius) Stealth: Self
Vision: 26
Water Vision: 26
Sonar: 60
Omni: 26
Direct Fire - Projectile
DPS 100
Projectile  Damage
Reload time 1 seconds
Range (min - max) 1 - 22
Direct Fire - Beam
DPS 4800
Beam  Damage
Damage radius
24000  (0.3s DoT)
Reload time 5 seconds
Range 22
Nuke Inner Damge: 3500
Inner radius: 30
Outer Damage: 500
Outer Radius: 40
Direct Fire Experimental - Continuous Beam
DPS 4000
Damage radius
Range 22
Anti Navy - Torpedo
DPS 250
Torpedo  Damage
Salvo Size
Reload time
4 Torpedos (in 2.1 s)
4 seconds
Range 60

The Cybran Armored Command Unit is a Cybran unit. This is a command unit, as well as a direct fire unit and economic unit. It can be upgraded to become a stealth unit.

Upgrades Edit

Back Edit

Resource Allocation System
Increases ACU's resource generation.
Energy icon150000 Mass icon5000 Time icon1000

Gives the ACU a new production rate of 3500 Energy per second and 12 Mass per second.

Personal Stealth Generator
Hides the ACU from radar. Requires Energy to run.
Energy icon5250 Mass icon350 Time icon350

This upgrade renders the unit invisible to radar at an energy drain of 50.

Personal Cloaking Generator
Cloaks the ACU from optical sensors and increases maximum health. Can be detected by Omni Sensors. Requires Energy to run.
Energy icon750000 Mass icon6000 Time icon3000

This upgrade renders the unit invisible to all units except those with Omni capability at an energy drain of 3000. Sonar will detect the ACU if it travels underwater. This upgrade requires the Personal Stealth Generator. Additionally, this upgrade gives the commander 15000HP. With the Tech 3 suite and Microwave Laser upgrades, the Cybran commander becomes an experimental of its own.

Personal Teleporter
Adds teleporter. Requires considerable Energy to activate.
Energy icon1500000 Mass icon15000 Time icon3000

This upgrade allows the ACU to teleport across a map, no matter the distance. This requires a tremendous amount of energy to perform and (10000 Energy per second for about 30 seconds) and as such, should only be done in the late game.

Right Arm Edit

Unlike the standard molecular ripper cannon, these weapon upgrades continue to function even while the ACU's engineering suite is in use.

Nanite Torpedo Launcher
Equips the ACU with a standard Cybran Nanite torpedo tube and sonar.
Energy icon37500 Mass icon1500 Time icon1500

This upgrade gives the ACU a Nanite Torpedo Launcher capable of 250 DPS. Note that without this upgrade, the ACU can only fight while underwater by manually using the reclaim ability.

Microwave Laser Generator
ACU can generate a beam laser that sweeps over enemy units.
Energy icon500000 Mass icon4000 Time icon2000

This upgrade adds a Microwave Laser Generator to the ACU's chest, capable of inflicting 4000 DPS. Note that this weapon—unlike the similar one used by the Monkeylord—is rather severely bugged in its targeting in that it often shoots short of the target, into the ground; this most often seen when fired at structures (tested in version 3606).

Left Arm Edit

Tech 2 Engineering Suite
Expands the number of available schematics and increases the ACU's build speed and maximum health.
Energy icon18000 Mass icon720 Time icon900

This upgrade gives the ACU Tech 2 buildings construction capabilities and increases its build rate to 30. Also adds 3500 HP and an additional 20 HP/s regeneration rate.

Tech 3 Engineering Suite
Replaces the Tech 2 Engineering Suite. Expands the number of available schematics and further increases the ACU's build speed and maximum health.
Energy icon50000 Mass icon2400 Time icon6000

This upgrade allows the ACU to construct Tech 3 buildings and increases its build rate to 90. This upgrade requires the T2 Engineering Suite. It also adds 7000 HP to the unit and an additional 15 HP/s regeneration rate.

Microwave Accelerator
Increases main cannon's rate of fire and range. Also increases range of the Molecular Ripper and Overcharge.
Energy icon24000 Mass icon800 Time icon800

Upgrades the unit's weapon radius to 30, as well as doubling its rate of fire to 2.

Helpful Information Edit

The Cybran ACU is ineffective in combat when T3 or higher enemy units are present on the battlefield. Consequently, the Cybran ACU should shy away from combat under these circumstances. With the Microwave Laser Generator, the Advanced Cooling, and the Cloaking/Stealth generator upgrades installed, however, the ACU becomes an effective stealth attack tool. When combining the damage per second of both its weapons after upgrade, (not including the death nuke), it ends with 4,200 DPS and the ability to use its overcharge beam on non-commanders, making it one of the most damaging units in the game.

The Microwave Laser Generator is the same as the one installed on the Experimental Monkeylord and, with a DPS of 4000 is the single most powerful direct fire weapon in the game. The ACU version costs 1/4 as much mass as a Monkeylord and installs in 1/6th of the time it would take to build one, but 2 1/2 times as much energy, and it is gimped by serious targeting problems. While you can theoretically install one onto your commander faster than you would be able to build an ML, the high energy cost over low build time would crush all but the most overcharged economies in seconds, especially if the ACU has already installed an improved engineering suite.

A possible strategy in Assassination games is to outfit the ACU with the Microwave Laser Generator and the Teleporter then teleport right next to the enemy ACU; an ACU without specialist defensive upgrades (such as personal shields) will only last mere seconds against the power of the Microwave Laser, while the Cybran ACU is tough enough to withstand most fire long enough to finish off its target and teleport away again. This strategy is not infallible – if the opponent is expecting it and has prepared defences (such as surrounding his commander with a large number of point defence or powerful land units) it is tantamount to suicide. It is also un recommended due to the fact the teleporter costs huge amounts of energy to build and work not to mention the time needed to install it thus making this strategy extremely pointless and the resources are best spent elsewhere.

The Nannite Torpedo upgrade equips the Cybran Acu with an extremely powerful torpedo system, with more than twice the damage of a Salem-Class's torpedoes and with greater range. Combined with the stealth/cloak upgrade, the Acu becomes a powerful tool for the Cybran navy, disposing of enemy subs quickly and at long range. It can even sink low health surface units like cruisers or frigates, with the added bonus of the acu being able to reclaim any nearby naval wrecks.

However, great care must be taken to ensure that the ACU is not taken out by torpedo bombers or powerful naval units such as the Atlantis. Using their high dps, only a few torpedo bombers are needed to destroy an unprotected Acu.

Cybran acu insitu

A Cybran ACU wades into the ocean.


Cybran ACU

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