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A list of all the commands, with short description and grouped/ordered by function.

Contains only commands from unmodified offical latest patch release—last verified against patch 3599, game currently at 3622, which should have same command set. One menu command included as it closely interacts with the keyboard/mouse selection. A few items repeated for better grouping.

Essential commandEdit

The mouse scroll wheel Zoom in/out at the mouse (unless tracking a unit). Works on main, minimap, split screen, and second monitor.

Easy commandsEdit

Selecting unitsEdit

Left-clickSelect (friendly) unit/factory
Shift-Left-ClickAdd/remove unit to/from selected group
Alt- ,Select ACU
Alt- .Select nearest idle engineer
Shift- .Select another idle engineer

Action commandsEdit

Command selected units and LEFT-click on what/where.

MMove (point)
PPatrol (point)
AAttack (enemy unit). Attack-Move (ground)
IGuard/Assist (friendly)
Right-Click(Cursor shows action)
Right-ClickMove (arrow cursor)
Shift-Left-ClickQueue the command

Special action (some units)Edit

CCapture (enemy)
RRepair (friendly)
EReclaim (anything)

Display controlEdit

Hold ShiftDisplay waypoints, select unit highlighted
Mouse at screen edgeScroll
Arrow keysScroll
Hold-Space, move mouseFree camera movement
Q / WZoom in / out(wider)
Shift-Q/WZoom in/out bigger step
Alt-Up/DownCycle different screen/menu layout
YShow map display options

Overlays in main windowEdit

Ctrl-WShow/Hide Miltary overlay
Ctrl-EShow/Hide Defense overlay
Ctrl-TShow/Hide Intelligence overlay
Ctrl-RShow/Hide Resource signs

Additional window/displayEdit

F12Show/hide keycommand help
F2Show/Hide score window
HomeSplit screen
EndSingle Screen

Advanced commandsEdit

Hold-ShiftShow waypoints so they can be manipulated


Dbl-Left-clickSelect all same units on screen
Ctrl-ZSelect all same units as already selected
Ctrl-CSelect everything on screen
Ctrl- .Select all engineers on screen
Ctrl-HSelect all factories on screen
Ctrl-ASelect all air-units
Ctrl-LSelect all land-units (non-engineer)
Ctrl-SSelect all sea-units
Ctrl-BSelect all engineer-units
HSelect nearest factory
Ctrl-Shift-LSelect nearest land Factory
Ctrl-Shift-ASelect nearest air Factory
Ctrl-Shift-SSelect nearest sea Factory
,Select and change view to ACU
.Select and change view to next idle engineer
Ctrl- 0..9Set selected units as group N
0..9Select group N
Shift- 0..9Add selected units to group N
Shift-Ctrl- 0..9Select factories in group N
Drag box with LeftSelect some units in box
Shift-Drag Box with LeftSelect all units in box
Select Group Adjustment (menu)Edit

When multiple units are selected they are listed in the menu area Left-click on a unit in this menu area to select only this unit type (unselects the others), Right-click on a unit in this menu area, removes this unit type from the selection (leaving all others selected).


Alt-Right-ClickMove to Attack
Ctrl-Right-ClickMove in formation
Ctrl-Alt-Right-ClickMove to Attack in Formation
Shift-Ctrl-Alt-Right-ClickMove with slowest unit
Shift-Right-Dbl-ClickCoordinated attack
Shift-Ctrl-Right-ClickRemove waypoint
Shift-?-clickChange movepoint to patrol point
Hold-Right, move mouseSet group in formation facing direction
Hold-Right-Click-LeftSet next formation

Special action (some units)Edit

Z Pause the build of unit
FSet ferry destination
UTransport (Load or unload)
DDive/Surface of submarine
LLaunch Tactical missile
NLaunch Nuclear missile
Ctrl-KSelf-destruct unit/building
[Fire/hold toggle
BEnter/Leave Build Menu mode (or ESC to leave it)


Shift-TABSave current view
(NOTE: This hotkey is overridden in Steam version.
TABCycle between saved views
Ctrl-TABRemove saved view
VToggle between "far out" and last view / return to previous view
,Change view to ACU and select it
.Change view to next idle engineer and select it
Alt-LToggle life bars on/off
Ctrl-Alt-F1Toggle UI on/off
Ctrl-VSet/Free current Hold-Space camera angle
TTrack select unit
Ctrl-Shift-TTrack unit on minimap
Ctrl-Alt-TTrack unit on 2nd screen
Ctrl-NRename unit
(numpad)-/Toggle frame rate overlay


EnterOpen/send/close chat display
Shift-EnterOpen chat display set to allies
 in Chat:1-16Send taunt
Page Up/DownPage up/down chat
Shift-PageUp/DownSingle line up/down in chat
F1Open game/map information window
F4Open diplomacy window
F5Send General Alert marker to allies
F6Send a Move marker to allies
F7Send a Attack marker to allies
F8Set a user marker on map for allies
F11Net connection statistics window


F1Open current objectives window
F3Open transmission log

Game controlEdit

(numpad)- +/- Increase/decrease game speed
(numpad)- * Set gamespeed to standard
Ctrl-FTake screen shot to file
PAUSEPause/Resume game
ESCGame menu
~ (US keyboard)Console window (debug)

Window keysEdit

Just for completeness: Window shortcut keys that still make sense in the game

Alt-F4End&exit game (if Fast Exit enabled)
Alt-TABSwitch to other programs, game not paused (The game IS paused in the original game - in the expansion it isn't)
PrintScreenScreen to clipboard
Ctrl-ESCSwitch to window start menu, game not paused
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