Supreme Commander Wiki

The console is a text-interface to change or debug some internal details of the running game. You bring it up with the ' (apostrophe) key on a US keyboard. See bottom for other keys.

Once the console is up you still have to click on the text line entry to enter a command. Commands are case sensitive. As you enter the list of valid commands is shown and you can use the arrow key to select one.

Any text output is shown in the console window. Some commands will subtly or drastically alter the appearence or function of the game.

Commands list[]

  • GetVersion echoes the current game version in the console window
  • ShowStats opens a transparent window that show a host of counters, updated real time.
  • Con_ListCommands lists most(?) commands and a one line comment or explanation
  • cam_ShakeMult enables or disables the camera shaking effect (type cam_ShakeMult 0 to fully disable it)
  • ui_DebugAltClick allows you to control an AI. Use Alt + Normal Keys to do so. (Cheats must be enabled for this to work)
  • ren_* commands. (there are many) will turn on/off rendering of some graphical details. Less graphics details means greater framerate (smoothness of motion, responsiveness of scrolling). Some positive framerate changes are achieved by
    • ren_bloom turns down some ambient lighting (general darkening of picture)
    • ren_fx disables all particle effects (such as smoke, fire, laser beams, sparks and adjencency powerlines)
    • ren_showskeletons replaces units appearance with the "skeletons" for units/buildings
    • ren_water the water surface isn't shown
  • ren_showNetworkStats shows network details, useful to find lag causes, as well as overall frframe rate, and max game speed
  • WIN_ToggleLogDialog show a window displaying log message from SC (useful for mod development). Require to run the game in windowed mode to see the window.
  • SC_LuaDebugger show lua debugger


AddBeam Add a test beam into the world
AddImpulse AddImpulse (x,y,z)
AddLightParticle Add a light to the world under the cursor
AddSplat Add a splat to the world underneath the cursor
AI_DebugArmyIndex Set up a army index for debugging purposes
AI_DebugCollision Toggle on/off collision detection
AI_DebugIgnorePlayableRect Toggle on/off ignore playable rect
ai_FreeBuild Unit build costs are 0
ai_InitialEnergyCurrency Initial currency of energy economy.
ai_InitialEnergyCurrencyMax Initial currency of energy economy.
ai_InitialMassCurrency Initial currency of mass economy.
ai_InitialMassCurrencyMax Initial currency of mass economy.
ai_InstaBuild Units build instantly.
AI_RenderBombDropZone Toggle on/off rendering of bomb drop zone
AI_RenderDebugAttackVectors Toggle on/off rendering of debug base attack vectors
AI_RenderDebugPlayableRect Toggle on/off rendering of debug playable rect
AI_RunOpponentAI Turns on or off Opponent AI
ai_SteeringAirTolerance Tolerance used to detect whether an aircraft has reached its destination.
AirLookAheadMult Alter the air units look ahead distance
ANI_DumpSkeleton Dump the skeleton for the selected entity
BeginLoggingStats Begin logging stats
BlingBling Cash money yo
cam_DefaultLOD default value for camera level-of-detail scaling factor
cam_DefaultMiniLOD Default LOD for mini-map
cam_EntityBoxExpand How much to expand the entity box when targetting entity
cam_FarFOV FOV to use for perspective camera at farthest zoom, in degrees
cam_FarPitch Pitch of camera at farthest zoom, in degrees
cam_Free Allow the camera to remain rotated
cam_MinSpinPitch The min pitch resulting from a spin
cam_NearFOV FOV to use for perspective camera at nearest zoom, in degrees
cam_NearPitch Pitch of camera at nearest zoom, in degrees
cam_NearZoom Closest mouse can zoom in to terrain
cam_PanSpeed How fast the camera pans.
cam_SetLOD Set the lod scale factor for a camera
cam_ShakeMult How much camera shake to allow.
cam_SpinSpeed How fast mouse spins camera, in degrees across screen size
cam_TrackProjectileTimeout Delay after tracking a projectile.
cam_ZoomAmount How far to zoom in response to the mouse wheel.
cam_ZoomSpeedLarge How fast the camera actually moves in response to a large zoom.
cam_ZoomSpeedSmall How fast the camera actually moves in response to a small zoom.
ClearStats Clear stats starting with given parent
CON_Echo Echo out input to function.
CON_ExecuteLastCommand Repeat the last command.
CON_ListCommands List all console commands and variables.
con_TestVar Test variable - not used.
con_TestVarBool Test variable - not used.
con_TestVarFloat Test variable - not used.
con_TestVarStr Test variable - not used.
con_TestVarUByte Test variable - not used.
CopySelectedUnitsToClipboard Copy all the selected units to the clipboard.
CreateProp Spawn a prop underneath the mouse cursor
CreateUnit spawn a unit by id at the mouse cursor or specified location, case sensitive
d3d_ForceDirect3DDebugEnabled Disable shader optimization and allow D3D debugging.
d3d_ForceSoftwareVP Force D3d to do vertex processing in software.
d3d_NoPureDevice Use a non-pure D3D hardware device.
d3d_UseRefRast Force D3d to do rasterization in software.
d3d_WindowsCursor Fixes flickering Mouse cursor
DamageUnit Damage the selected unit (negative values heal)
dbg Enable/Disable debug overlay
dbg_Ballistics Draw ballistic debug stuff.
dbg_Beam Draw beam debug stuff.
dbg_CollisionBeam Draw collision beam debug stuff.
dbg_Emitter Show emitter positions.
dbg_Metronome Tick a metronome every tick.
dbg_MonitorAddressSpace If true, monitor address space usage.
dbg_Projectile Draw projectile debug stuff.
dbg_ShowAiPathSpline Draw AI Path Spline debug information.
dbg_Trail Draw trail debug stuff.
Debug_Assert Fail an assertion (for debugging purposes)
Debug_Crash Cause a crash (for debugging purposes)
Debug_Error Log an error string (for debugging purposes)
debug_movie debug movie output
Debug_Throw Throw a std::exception.
Debug_Warn Log a warning string (for debugging purposes)
DebugAIStatesOff debug function to show some AI states
DebugAIStatesOn debug function to show some AI states
DebugClearBuildTemplates debug clear and disable the build templates.
DebugDumpArmyStats Dump current stats for army index.
DebugGenerateBuildTemplateFromSelection debug generate and enable build templates from the current selection.
DebugMoveCamera Debug function for moving the camera in sim script.
DebugSetConsumptionActive debug function to turn selected units consumption of resources into active state
DebugSetConsumptionInActive debug function to turn selected units consumption of resources into inactive state
DebugSetPlayableRect Set the playable rect of the map (minX, minZ, maxX, maxZ).
DebugSetProductionActive debug function to turn selected units production of resources into active state
DebugSetProductionInActive debug function to turn selected units production of resources into inactive state
DestroyAll Destroy all units. If any optional army indices are supplied, destroy those army's units.
DestroySelectedUnits destroy selected units.
DoSimCommand do a sim command.
dump_Frame Dump a single video frame. A directory can be specified, otherwise it will prompt for one.
dump_Frames Toggle dumping of video frames.
dump_outputFrameNumber Starting frame to dump on
dump_Rate Frame rate to use for movie dumps
DumpActiveLoops List all active entity loops
DumpCamera Dump out camera position data for the editor
DumpPreloadedTextures Dump debug texture info
DumpUnits Print out units in play
efx_AttachEmitter Attach an emitter to selected unit, must specify bone name and blueprint
EFX_CreateEmitterWindow Create emitter control window
efx_NewEmitter Create an emitter, must specify blueprint
efx_ParticleWaterSurface Sort order at which particles start rendering under water
efx_WaterOffset Amount that particles which are clamped to the waters surfaces are offset from it.
efx_WaveCutoff Shoreline LOD cutoff
EndLoggingStats End logging stats
ExecutePasteBuffer Execute paste buffer in clipboard.
exit Exit the application.
FindUnit Find a unit by a (case insensitive) string contained in its description.
fog_DistanceFog Distance fog enabled?
fog_OffsetMultiplier amount to fudge offset by to make fog go away as we zoom out
GetVersion Get game version
graphics_Fidelity current graphics fidelity setting
graphics_FidelitySupported maximum graphics fidelity supported
imap_debug Toggle influence map debug info.
imap_debug_grid Toggle influence map debug grid info.
imap_debug_grid_army Set influence map debug grid for which army threat type.
imap_debug_grid_type Set influence map debug grid threat type.
imap_debug_path_graph Toggle map hints path graph.
IN_BindKey Specify a key combo and a console command, binds console command to key
IN_DumpKeyBindings Shows all the key bindings
IN_DumpKeyNames Shows all the key names
IN_SetKeyName Set a key name to map to a key code
IssueCommand Issue the buildSilo/dive/stop command to the selected units.
KillAll Kill all units
KillSelectedUnits kill selected units.
lob_IgnoreNames Comma seperated list of names of people to ignore. For debugging purposes.
Log Log a string (for debugging purposes)
LotsOfProps spawn 100 props all over the map 2nd Arg = name of prop
LUA Run a bit of lua code.
LUADOC Dump out documentation for Lua functions
mesh_Rebatch Override mesh batch settings
NeedRefuelThresholdRatio Start looking for refueling platform when fuel ratio drops below this point
NeedRepairThresholdRatio Start looking for refueling platform when health ratio drops below this point
net_AckDelay Number of milliseconds to delay before sending ACKs
net_CompressionMethod Compression method, 0=none, 1=deflate. Only takes effect when connections are first established.
net_DebugCrash If true, crash.
net_DebugLevel Amount of network debug spew
net_Lag Lag, in milliseconds.
net_LogPackets Log all incomming/outgoing packets.
net_MaxBacklog Maximum number of bytes to backlog to any one client.
net_MaxResendDelay Maximum number of milliseconds to delay before resending a packet.
net_MaxSendRate Maximum number of bytes to send per second to any one client.
net_MinResendDelay Minimum number of milliseconds to delay before resending a packet.
net_ResendDelayBias The resend delay is ping*new_ResendPingMultiplier+net_ResendDelayBias.
net_ResendPingMultiplier The resend delay is ping*new_ResendPingMultiplier+net_ResendDelayBias.
net_SendDelay Number of milliseconds to delay before sending Data
NoDamage Disables all damage to units when set.
p4_Edit Check out file(s) from perfoce
p4_IsOpenedForEdit Is the specified file opened for edit?
path_ArmyBudget Budget for each army to do pathfinding each tick
path_BackgroundBudget Maximum number of steps to run pathfinder in background
path_BackgroundUpdate Update pathfinding tables in background
path_GeneratePreview Do a pathfind for the UI preview
path_MaxInstantWorkUnits Budget for instant pathfinds by the AI
path_TimeoutPreview Maximum number of ticks to allow pathfinder preview to take
path_UnreachableTimeoutSearchSteps Maximum number of ticks to allow a single pathfind to take for an unreachable path
PathDebug Debug the path finder
PopupCreateUnitMenu Popup the create unit menu.
PrintStats Test the stat system
ProcessInfoPair set the assist mode flag for the selected units.
Purge projectile|unit|all>. If any optional army indices are supplied, destroy those army's entities.
quit Quit the session.
RandomElevationOffset Alter random non-combat elevation offset so plane don't all stick on the same plane
recon_debug Show debug recon info for specified army index
ReconFlush Flush all recon databases (destroys all blips)
ren_BandwidthDisplayKernel Width of bandwidth filter (in seconds).
ren_BandwidthDisplaySeconds Number of seconds of bandwidth data to display.
ren_Beams Render the beam fx.
ren_bicubicnormals Sample normal map basis using bicubic filter
ren_Bloom Render Blooms?
ren_BloomBlurCount Bloom Blur Count
ren_BloomBlurKernelScale Amount to scale blurred amount by.
ren_BloomGlowCopyScale Scale when copying glowing stuff to glow buffer before blur
ren_BorderSize Size of edge border
ren_ClipDecalLevel Level at which we clip decals for super quick reject
ren_ClipDecals Clip Decals vertex count
ren_Clutter Render clutter
ren_DecalAlbedoLodCutoff Fudge factor for decal cutoff on zoom out for albedos
ren_DecalFadeFraction fraction (0..1) of their range that decals start to fade
ren_DecalFlatTol flatness tolerance
ren_DecalNormalLodCutoff Fudge factor for decal cutoff on zoom out for normals
ren_DecalOverDraw Render overdraw display for decals
ren_Decals Render Terrain Decals.
ren_ErrorCache use error threshold cache?
ren_fog Do we render fog of war, rendering only no effect on database.
ren_FogIntensity intensity of gray fog
ren_FogOfWar Draw terrain with fog-of-war.
ren_ForceUpdateMinimapTerrain Update the terrain tesselation/decals if it's a minimap
ren_FrameTimeSeconds Number of seconds to display.
ren_Fx Render FX?
ren_GenerateMesh Generate a new mesh or use the old one?
ren_glowingDecals Render glowing decals
ren_HideSecondary Hide secondary views
ren_IgnoreDecalLOD Force decals to render regardless of LOD
ren_MapBorderAdd Add a mesh to the map border list
ren_MapBorderClear Clear all map border meshes
ren_MeshDissolve Fade mesh alpha from 1.0 to 0.0
ren_MeshSkinned toggle rendering of meshes which have and use skeletons
ren_MeshStatic toggle rendering of meshes which do not have or ignore skeletons
ren_NewFogUpdate Use new fog update code
ren_NormalDecals Render Normal Decals
ren_OnlyFirstView Render only the first view in the list
ren_Reflection Render reflection?
ren_Refraction Render refraction?
ren_RegenShore Regenerate shoreline (editor only)
ren_RenderNothing Render nothing?
ren_Select Render select meshes?
ren_SelectBoxes Toggle selection box rendering
ren_SelectBracketMinPixelSize Minimum selection bracket thickness in pixels.
ren_SelectBracketSize Default selection bracket thickness
ren_SelectColor What color do we want the selection box?
ren_SelectionHeightFudge How far off the ground selection boxes are fudged
ren_SelectionSizeFudge How much selection box extents are fudged (multiplier)
ren_ShadowBias Constant shadow bias
ren_ShadowBlur Toggle shadow blurring
ren_ShadowLOD At what LODMetric do we stop rendering shadows
ren_Shadows Render Shadows?
ren_ShadowSize Sizeof shadow texture
ren_Shoreline Render shoreline
ren_ShorelineCutoff Shoreline LOD cutoff
ren_ShowBandwidthUsage Show the amount of network bandwidth we are using.
ren_ShowBoneNames Show bone names
ren_ShowDirtyTerrain Show or hide the dirty terrain bits.
ren_ShowFrameTimes Graphically show the frame times.
ren_ShowNetworkStats Show various network stats.
ren_ShowNormals Variable to track show/hide normals rendering.
ren_ShowSkeletons Show mesh skeletons
ren_ShowWireframe Variable to track show/hide wireframe rendering.
ren_Skirt Use new fog update code
ren_SkyDome Render sky
ren_Splats Render Terrain splats.
ren_SyncTerrainLOD Distance at which to start display terrain sync changes
ren_TeamColorLookupCount Number of 'channels' in team color lookup texture.
ren_Terrain Show or hide the terrain.
ren_Trees Show or hide the trees.
ren_TTerrainGlow Render the terrain using TTerrainGlow
ren_Ui Render UI?
ren_UnitSelectionScale How much unit selection box extents are scaled (multiplier)
ren_Water Show or hide the water.
ren_WorldBorder Render UI world border frame?
RenameUnit Give selected unit a custom name, or with no parameters print name
res_AfterPrefetchDelay Number of milliseconds to nap after prefetching something. So the prefetcher thread doesn't bog us down too much.
res_EnablePrefetching If true, enable prefetching.
res_PrefetcherActivityDelay Number of seconds to delay prefetching after there is foreground disk activity.
res_SpewLoadSpam If true, spew spam with each resource load.
rule_BlueprintReloadDelay seconds to delay before reloading a blueprint once we notice that it has changed.
rule_Paranoid Paranoid mode for RULE system, print all error messages.
SallyShears Reveal entire map.
SC_CreateEntityDialog Create object editing box for the primary selected unit
sc_FrameTimeClamp Minimum time between frames, in milliseconds
SC_LuaDebugger Open Lua debugger window
sc_SkipIntro Skip intro movies
SC_StartMemoryLog Start up memory logging to filename
SC_StopMemoryLog Stop memory logging
SC_ToggleCursorClip Set the cursor clip to either the pre-launch clip or the current clip
ScenarioMethod Run a scenario-specific command
SetArmyColor SetArmyColor(army,r,g,b)
SetFocusArmy Pass in army index or -1
shadow_Fidelity current shadow fidelity setting
shadow_FidelitySupported maximum shadow fidelity supported
ShowArmyStats Show engine statistics
ShowRaisedPlatforms Turns on or off rendering of raised platform for tweaking and setting up purposes
ShowStats Show engine statistics
sim_ChecksumPeriod How many beats between checksums.
sim_DebugCheats Log a backtrace when we detect a cheat.
sim_DebugCrash Crash the sim.
sim_DebugDelay Milliseconds to delay each sim tick to simulate a slow sim.
sim_Gravity Show or change the current gravity. Units are ogrids/(second^2)
sim_Interlocked If true, force the sim and UI threads to run interlocked.
sim_IssueThreadDebugLevel How much debug spam to spew from the issue thread.
sim_KeepAllLogFiles If true, keep all long files instead of just the ones for beats that appear out-of-sync.
sim_LogSize How many ticks to log before flushing files.
sim_ReportCheats Report cheating when cheats are enabled.
sim_ShowDamage Show debug damage info
sim_TestFunc Test function - not used.
sim_TestVar Test variable - not used.
sim_TestVarBool Test variable - not used.
sim_TestVarFloat Test variable - not used.
sim_TestVarStr Test variable - not used.
sim_TestVarUByte Test variable - not used.
SimAssert Fail an assertion (for debugging purposes)
SimCrash Cause a crash (for debugging purposes)
SimError Log an error string (for debugging purposes)
SimLog Log a string (for debugging purposes)
SimLua Run some lua code in the sim's Lua.
SimWarn Log a warning string (for debugging purposes)
SkipUIChecks Don't perform any command validation in UI
snd_CheckDistance Do distance checks for sound culling.
snd_CheckLOS Do LOS checks for sound culling.
snd_ExtraDoWorkCalls Enable mid-frame DoWork calls.
snd_SpewSound Spew debug sound info
StartCommandMode Set the UI context for some commands.
TeleportSelectedUnits teleport selected units.
timestamp Dump out EXE timestamp
TrackStats Begin/End tracking stats of selected units.
tree_AccelFactor How quickly falling trees accelerate
tree_DampFactor Damping on swaying trees (0 to 1)
tree_SpringFactor How quickly swaying trees spring back
tree_UprootFactor How far to raise falling trees up out of the ground
ui_AlwaysRenderStrategicIcons When true, strategic icons always render, even when zoomed in
UI_ApplySelectionSet Takes a selection set name and applies the selection
ui_ArrowKeysScrollView Toggle if the arrow keys scroll the main view
ui_BuildPlaceTarmacAlpha Tarmac alpha for buildings that are about to be placed
ui_CommandClickScale Scale applied to the click distance size of command waypoints
ui_CommandGraphMaxNodeUnits Limits the size of the waypoints
UI_CreateHead1Map Destroys anything on head 1 and shows a full screen map in its place
ui_CurveSegments How many segments to subdivide curves into
ui_CurveSmoothness How big to make curves when drawing command previews
ui_CustomNameColor Color of the custom name display
ui_CustomNameFontSize Point size of the custom name display
ui_CutsomNameFont Font family name of the custom name display
ui_DebugAltClick Enable ALT+Click debug command to switch armies
ui_DisableCursorFixing Allows you to toggle the cursor fixing functionality that is used for the mouse-controlled camera spinning/scrolling
ui_DragSelect2D Use a 2D (screen-space) drag-selection box
ui_DrawPathPreview Turns on/off the arrow line
UI_DumpControls Dumps information about all controls to current log target.
UI_DumpControlsUnderCursor Dumps all controls under the cursor to the debug log
UI_ExpandCurrentSelection Expand selection to all units in view that is found in our current selection group
ui_ExtractSnapTolerance Sets the extraction unit 'snap-to' tolerance (in meters) for building. Increase this to make it easier to auto-snap to extraction sites.
ui_FootprintMinThickness Mimimum render size for the footprint outline.
ui_ForceLifbarsOnEnemy force lifebars on for enemy units
UI_forceWeaponsToYellow Force all minimap weapon fire to yellow
ui_FuelBarColor The color of the secondary Fuel bar
ui_fuelbarHeight size of the fuel bar as a fraction of the bar height
ui_FuelEmptyBlinkRate Blink timer scale for empty fuel
ui_FuelWarningColor The color of the feul warning flash
ui_KeyboardPanAccelerateMultiplier How much faster the camera pans when accelerated
ui_KeyboardPanSpeed How fast arrow keys pans camera
ui_KeyboardRotateAccelerateMultiplier How much faster the camera rotates when accelerated
ui_KeyboardRotateSpeed How fast ins/del rotate camera
ui_LifeBarBadColor The color of the lifebar when there is poor health
ui_LifeBarBadCutoff The percent of health where the life bar changes from bad to medium
ui_LifeBarGoodColor The color of the lifebar when there is good health
ui_LifeBarGoodCutoff The percent of health where the life bar changes from medium to good
ui_lifebarHeight height of health/fuel bar in ogrids
ui_LifebarLOD LOD Cutoff for health bars
ui_LifeBarMedColor The color of the lifebar when there is medium health
ui_LifebarOffset Y Offset in ogrids of all lifebars
ui_LifebarWidth width of health/fuel bar in ogrids
UI_Lua Run lua code in the appropriate UI lua state.
UI_MakeSelectionSet Takes a name, and makes a named selection set from the current selection
ui_MaxExtractSnapPixels Allows us to put a pixel cap on the snap tolerance (in case we are zoomed in close.
ui_MaxTextLOD LOD level that timer text dissapears
ui_MaxWaypointSize Set the maximum pixel size of a waypoint
ui_MinExtractSnapPixels Allows us to put a pixel cap on the snap tolerance (in case we are zoomed out relatively far.
ui_MinWaypointSize Set the minimum pixel size of a waypoint
ui_NisRenderIcons nis toggle for strat icons, also removes pause and diabled icons
ui_PathPreview Turns on/off the pathfinding preview line
ui_PathSmoothness How big to make curves when drawing path preview
ui_ProgressBarColor The color of the secondary Construction Progress bar
UI_Quit Drives quit behavior of the game depending on the state of the UI
ui_RenderCustomNames toggle custom name display
ui_RenderIcons toggle strategic icons on/off
ui_RenderSelectionSetNames toggle selection set names on/off
ui_RenderUnitBars render unit life/fuel bars?
UI_RenProectileTrailWidth The half width, in pixels, of the projectile trail
UI_RenProjectileArcs toggle projectile trails on/off
UI_RenProjectileArcsSampleInterval How often the position is updated for the projectile trail
UI_RenProjectileGlow Toggle projectile icon glow
UI_RenProjectileGlowMax Maximum glow alpha on projecile icon
UI_RenProjectileGlowMin Minimum glow alpha on projectile icon
UI_RenProjectileGlowPeriod The period in which the projectile icon glow will pulse from min to max to min
UI_RenProjectileIcons toggle projectile icons on/off
UI_RenProjectileTrailColor ARGB value of the projectile trail
UI_RenResources toggle resource icons on/off
UI_ResetView Reset a named camera to the default view
UI_ResourceLODCutoff When to draw icons instead of resource deposit textures
UI_RotateLayout Cycles through all available layouts
UI_RotateSkin Cycles through all available skins
ui_ScreenEdgeScrollView Toggle if the mouse on the sides of the main window will scroll the view (fullscreen only)
UI_SelectAnything Debug to allow UI to select anything
UI_SelectByCategory Select a set of units by category
ui_SelectionSetNamesColor Color of the selection set names
ui_SelectTolerance Sets the unit click tolerance (in pixels) for selection. Increase this to make units have a larger selection box.
UI_SetSkin Sets a new skin
ui_ShieldBarColor The color of the secondary Shield bar
UI_ShowControlUnderMouse Highlights the control currently under the mouse
UI_ShowRenameDialog Display the rename unit dialog during a game
ui_StrategicIconBlinkDuration How long to blink icon when unit is damage
ui_StrategicIconBlinkRate Blink timer scale for strategic icons on damage
UI_StrategicProjectileLOD At what LODMetric do we draw projectile pixels on strategic view
UI_ToggleGamePanels Hide/show the UI panels in game, and expands the world view to fill the screen when panels are hidden.
UI_TrackUnit track selected units.
ui_WaypointLineScale Scale applied to the calculated waypoint line size
ui_WindowedAlwaysShowsCursor Always show cursor in windowed mode, regardless of show/hide
WeaponTerrainBlockageTest Toggle on/off wepaon collision tests against terrain blockages
WIN_ShowLogDialog Explicit show/hide log dialog box
WIN_ToggleLogDialog Show/hide log dialog box
WLD_AdvanceBeat Advance the sim one beat.
wld_ClientDebugDump Dump out debug info about the network connections
WLD_DecreaseSimRate Decrease the game speed.
WLD_GameSpeed Set a new game speed
WLD_IncreaseSimRate Increase the game speed.
WLD_ResetSimRate Increase the game speed.
WLD_RestartBeat Restart rendering the current beat.
wld_RunWithTheWind If true, run beats as fast as we can.
WLD_SingleStep Single-step the sim one tick.
wld_SkewRateAdjustBase How much to adjust the sim rate based on one beat of skew.
wld_SkewRateAdjustMax Max amount to adjust the sim rate due to skew.
wnd_DefaultCreateHeight Minimum initial window height
wnd_DefaultCreateWidth Minimum initial window width
wnd_MinCmdLineHeight Minimum command line height
wnd_MinCmdLineWidth Minimum command line width
wnd_MinDragHeight Minimum drag-resize height
wnd_MinDragWidth Minimum drag-resize width
WxInputBox Text the WWxInputBox dialog.
ZeroExtraStorage Set energy and mass extra storage to 0

Keystroke for non-US keyboards[]

Czech ;
Danish/Norwegian æ
French ù
Finnish/Swedish ö
Hungarian ö
Italian ò
German ö
UK '
US ~
Spain/Swedish Ctrl+Ñ