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The Siren Class cruisers possess Proton Cannons, one of the Cybran's many weapons technologies.

Weapons are technologies used by units to destroy or at least to reduce the hit points of enemy units.

Different weapons play very important parts in the game, as a microwave laser generator is much more effective at attacking ground units than a zealot AA missile. Weapons range anywhere from torpedoes to air-to-surface missiles. Some weapons such as the Aeon oblivion cannon fires slowly but with incredibly high damage, while some such as the cybran particle laser fire extremely fast but with a low damage rate.

Weapons technologies are the different groups of weapons deployed by the various factions in Supreme Commander.

Weapons technologies typically have similar stats in only a few fields, and are unified mostly by their appearance and performance.

Examples of Weapons Technologies include the Nanite Missile System, the Hells Fury Riot Gun, the Gauss Cannon, the Proton Cannon, the Oblivion Cannon, and the Fizz Launcher.

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