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A unit in Supreme Commander is an entity, mobile or stationary, generaly clickable and selectable, able to be interacted with and receive orders by the player. Vehicles, aircrafts, ships and buildings are examples of units. There are several categories of units, each with their own capabilities and purposes. And there are various ways to browse the units in this wiki:

by faction by type by tech level by function by attributes

The strategic icons help us to understand what exactly are these categories and how they work. Each attribute of the icon is related to a category set:

Example: UEF icon bomber2 antinavy.png
the color is the faction blue: UEF unit
the overall shape is the type obtuse triangle: bomber
the central insignia is the function T w/separate lines: anti-navy
the white tabs at the bottom is the tech level two tabs: tech 2 unit

Additionaly, this wiki has gathered units by some important attributes that are not shown in the icon. Attributes like: amphibious, hover, cloak, jamming, and stealth can be found in the category "Units by attributes".

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