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Command units[edit | edit source]

UEF Armored Command UnitArmored Command Unit
UEF T3 Support Armored Command UnitT3 Support Armored Command Unit

Land[edit | edit source]

Tier 1
UEF T1 Land ScoutT1 Land Scout: Snoop
UEF T1 Light Assault BotT1 Light Assault Bot: Mech Marine
UEF T1 Medium TankT1 Medium Tank: MA12 Striker
UEF T1 Mobile Anti-Air GunT1 Mobile Anti-Air Gun: Archer
UEF T1 Mobile Light ArtilleryT1 Mobile Light Artillery: Lobo

Tier 2
UEF T2 Field EngineerT2 Field Engineer: Sparky
UEF T2 Gatling BotT2 Gatling Bot: Mongoose
UEF T2 Heavy TankT2 Heavy Tank: Pillar
UEF T2 Amphibious TankT2 Amphibious Tank: Riptide
UEF T2 Mobile AA Flak ArtilleryT2 Mobile AA Flak Artillery: Sky Boxer
UEF T2 Mobile Missile LauncherT2 Mobile Missile Launcher: Flapjack
UEF T2 Mobile Shield GeneratorT2 Mobile Shield Generator: Parashield

Tier 3
UEF T3 Heavy Assault BotT3 Heavy Assault Bot: Titan
UEF T3 Armored Assault BotT3 Armored Assault Bot: Percival
UEF T3 Mobile Heavy ArtilleryT3 Mobile Heavy Artillery: Demolisher
UEF T3 Mobile Missile PlatformT3 Mobile Missile Platform: Spearhead

Experimental unit|Experimental
UEF Experimental Mobile FactoryT4 Mobile Factory: Fatboy

A​ir[edit | edit source]

Tier 1
UEF T1 Air ScoutT1 Air Scout: Hummingbird
UEF T1 InterceptorT1 Interceptor: Cyclone
UEF T1 Attack BomberT1 Attack Bomber: Scorcher
UEF T1 Light Air TransportT1 Light Air Transport: C-6 Courier

Tier 2
UEF T2 Fighter/BomberT2 Fighter/Bomber: Janus
UEF T2 Torpedo BomberT2 Torpedo Bomber: Stork
UEF T2 GunshipT2 Gunship: Stinger
UEF T2 Air TransportT2 Air Transport: C14 Star Lifter

Tier 3
UEF T3 Spy PlaneT3 Spy Plane: SR90 Blackbird
UEF T3 Air-Superiority FighterT3 Air-Superiority Fighter: Wasp
UEF T3 Strategic BomberT3 Strategic Bomber: Ambassador
UEF T3 Heavy GunshipT3 Heavy Gunship: Broadsword
UEF T3 Heavy Air TransportT3 Heavy Air Transport: Continental

Naval[edit | edit source]

Tier 1
UEF T1 Attack SubmarineT1 Attack Submarine: Tigershark
UEF T1 FrigateT1 Frigate: Thunderhead Class

Tier 2
UEF T2 Torpedo BoatT2 Torpedo Boat: Cooper
UEF T2 DestroyerT2 Destroyer: Valiant Class
UEF T2 CruiserT2 Cruiser: Governor Class
UEF T2 Shield BoatT2 Shield Boat: Bulwark

Tier 3
UEF T3 Strategic Missile SubmarineT3 Strategic Missile Submarine: Ace
UEF T3 BattleshipT3 Battleship: Summit Class
UEF T3 BattlecruiserT3 Battlecruiser: Neptune Class

UEF Experimental Aircraft CarrierT4 Submersible Aircraft Carrier: Atlantis

Engineers[edit | edit source]

Tier 1
UEF T1 EngineerT1 Engineer
UEF T1 Engineering DroneT1 Engineering Drone: C-D1 "Rover", C-D2 "Rover"
UEF T1 Engineering DroneT1 Engineering Drone: C-D2 "Rover-2"

Tier 2
UEF T2 EngineerT2 Engineer
UEF T2 Engineering StationT2 Engineering Station: The Kennel

Tier 3
UEF T3 EngineerT3 Engineer
UEF T3 Engineering StationT3 Engineering Station: The Kennel

Construction[edit | edit source]

Tier 1
UEF T1 Land FactoryT1 Land Factory
UEF T1 Air FactoryT1 Air Factory
UEF T1 Naval FactoryT1 Naval Factory

Tier 2
UEF T2 Land FactoryT2 Land Factory
UEF T2 Air FactoryT2 Air Factory
UEF T2 Naval FactoryT2 Naval Factory

Tier 3
UEF T3 Land FactoryT3 Land Factory
UEF T3 Air FactoryT3 Air Factory
UEF T3 Naval FactoryT3 Naval Factory
UEF T3 Quantum GatewayT3 Quantum Gateway: QGW R-32

Economic[edit | edit source]

Tier 1
UEF T1 Power GeneratorT1 Power Generator
UEF T1 Hydrocarbon Power PlantT1 Hydrocarbon Power Plant: HCPP - X1000
UEF T1 Energy StorageT1 Energy Storage
UEF T1 Mass ExtractorT1 Mass Extractor: Mass Pump 1
UEF T1 Mass FabricatorT1 Mass Fabricator
UEF T1 Mass StorageT1 Mass Storage

Tier 2
UEF T2 Power GeneratorT2 Power Generator: EG - 200 Fusion Reactor
UEF T2 Mass ExtractorT2 Mass Extractor: Mass Pump 2
UEF T2 Mass FabricatorT2 Mass Fabricator

Tier 3
UEF T3 Power GeneratorT3 Power Generator: EG 900 Fusion Reactor
UEF T3 Mass ExtractorT3 Mass Extractor: Mass Pump 3
UEF T3 Mass FabricatorT3 Mass Fabricator

Offense[edit | edit source]

Tier 2
UEF T2 Artillery InstallationT2 Artillery Installation: Klink Hammer
UEF T2 Tactical Missile LauncherT2 Tactical Missile Launcher: Aloha
UEF T2 Air Staging FacilityT2 Air Staging Facility: Refuel & Repair

Tier 3
UEF T3 Heavy Artillery InstallationT3 Heavy Artillery Installation: Duke
UEF T3 Strategic Missile LauncherT3 Strategic Missile Launcher: Stonager

UEF Experimental Strategic ArtilleryT4 Artillery: Mavor
UEF Experimental Satellite SystemT4 Satellite Deployment System: Novax Center
UEF Defense SatelliteDefense Satellite

Defense[edit | edit source]

Tier 1
UEF T1 Wall SectionT1 Wall Section: Calcicrete
UEF T1 Point DefenseT1 Point Defense: DM1 Plasma Cannon
UEF T1 Anti-Air TurretT1 Anti-Air Turret: DA1 Railgun
UEF T1 Torpedo LauncherT1 Torpedo Launcher: DN1

Tier 2
UEF T2 Point DefenseT2 Point Defense: Triad
UEF T2 Anti-Air Flak ArtilleryT2 Anti-Air Flak Artillery: Air Cleaner
UEF T2 Torpedo LauncherT2 Torpedo Launcher: Tsunami
UEF T2 Tactical Missile DefenseT2 Tactical Missile Defense: Buzzkill
UEF T2 Shield GeneratorT2 Shield Generator: SD - Pulse

Tier 3
UEF T3 Heavy Point DefenseT3 Heavy Point Defense: Ravager
UEF T3 Anti-Air SAM LauncherT3 Anti-Air SAM Launcher: Flayer
UEF T3 Strategic Missile DefenseT3 Strategic Missile Defense: Nuke Eliminator
UEF T3 Heavy Shield GeneratorT3 Heavy Shield Generator: HSD Pulse

Intelligence[edit | edit source]

Tier 1
UEF T1 Sonar SystemT1 Sonar System: SP1 - 1000
UEF T1 Radar SystemT1 Radar System: SA1 - 1000

Tier 2
UEF T2 Sonar SystemT2 Sonar System: SP2 - 2000
UEF T2 Radar SystemT2 Radar System: SA2 - 2000
UEF T2 Stealth Field GeneratorT2 Stealth Field Generator

Tier 3
UEF T3 Sonar PlatformT3 Sonar Platform: SP3 - 3000
UEF T3 Omni Sensor ArrayT3 Omni Sensor Array: SA3 - Omni

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