A Carrier is a naval unit that can construct and maintain aircraft. Their main purpose is to assail land installations, using the range given from the craft they deploy.

Gameplay Edit

T3 Cybran Carrier

In Supreme Commander, Carriers serve as an offensive means in comparison to Air Factories. The capability to launch aircraft is more advantageous on maps where range becomes an issue. When idle, Carriers serve as Air Staging Platforms and any aircraft, damaged or low on fuel, may enter before continuing their mission.

It is vital to protect your carriers from other naval units, especially submarines as they lack surface weaponry. Enemy air have more difficulty fighting them as the AA weaponry is just as potent as a Cruiser's but they would still need protection if the enemy decides to get reckless.

The UEF's Atlantis may negate this issue with enemy naval units by diving underwater and using its powerful torpedoes.


  • Ordering a carrier to assist-move with damaged friendly units nearby will cause it to load and repair the units. This can be done to any kind of unit, including experimentals, land units, other carriers carrying carriers, and buildings. Attempting to unload a building from the carrier will crash the game.
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