UEF C Allen Riley II

President and EarthCom Commander-in-chief C. Allen Riley II

President C. Allen Riley II is the leader of the United Earth Federation. He is also the Commander-in-chief of EarthCom, the military arm of the UEF.


Name: C. Allen Riley II
Rank: President & EarthCom Commander-in-Chief
Age: 54
Faction: United Earth Federation
Status: Deceased 


One overarching goal has dictated President Riley's 10-year tenure as President of the United Earth Federation: ending the Infinite War. Administrative records indicate that Riley hopes to achieve this goal by aggressively attacking the enemy along two fronts.

A data cull from UEF quantum communications reveals a distinct increase in the UEF-generated propaganda directed against both the Aeon Illuminate and the Cybran Nation. Said propaganda has resulted in substantial increases in the morale and allegiance of systems along the outer rim of UEF-controlled space.

In addition, an increase of 7.6893% of the UEF's annual budget has been directed to defense and military spending. Under Riley's authority, significant improvements have been made to all aspects of the UEF military, and the amount of money funneled into "black op" weapons has dramatically increased. Unable to provide additional information.

All available polling data suggests that Riley maintains a high degree of popularity in the eyes of both the civilian sector and the military. A closer examination of the data reveals that this is largely a result of Riley's spotless military record as a former UEF Commander and his reputation for cutting through bureaucracy; cross-referencing parallel polling data streams suggests that Riley's approval ratings are 12.0007% higher at this point in his presidency than any of his predecessors.

Unknown to all but President Riley's closest inner-circle is the fact that Riley is now suffering from a degenerative spinal disorder. All medical records concerning the condition are outside the scope of this facility; however, information pulled from third-party pharmaceutical data streams indicate that Riley is consuming a large amount of pain killers.

Riley is killed by the Seraphim invaders when they initially destroy Earth.

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