Aircraft are made in air factories, aircraft carriers, or by certain experimental units, and have the capabilities of intelligence gathering and attacking units. Offensive aircraft can be considered either combination fighter/bombers, air superiority fighters, gunships, or bombers. Transports can also be used to move land units to a more favorable location. All types of aircrafts require fuel to function effectively, which limits how long and far away they can operate. Special anti-air units or buildings are necessary to counter attacking air units.

Tech Level 1

Air Scouts - Tiny, nimble, and very weak, T1 Air Scouts serve no purpose other than to collect intelligence on enemy positions. The Seraphim scout is unique with it's deathcam ability, allowing it to continue to provide intel for a short period after its death.

UEA0101 build btnUEF - Hummingbird
URA0101 build btnCybran - Flying Eyes
UAA0101 build btnAeon - Mirage
XSA0101 build btnSeraphim - Sele-istle

Interceptors - Lightly armed and armored anti-air aircraft, designed to intercept and destroy other aircraft. Despite their differences in appearance and armament, they are roughly equal in effectiveness.

UEA0102 build btnUEF - Cyclone
URA0102 build btnCybran - Prowler
UAA0102 build btnAeon - Conservator
XSA0102 build btnSeraphim - Ia-atha

Attack Bombers - Small bombers with light ordinance, excels at harassing ground forces or making early first strikes. They are vulnerable to Interceptors. Each faction's ordinance functions in different ways, and may be more useful in one situation than another (UEF and Cybran is especially useful against massed amounts of units because they drop a lot of bombs over a large area, while the Aeon and Seraphim ones are good at taking out single units like engineers and partly commanders because they deliver all their damage in a small area).

UEA0103 build btnUEF - Scorcher
URA0103 build btnCybran - Zeus
UAA0103 build btnAeon - Shimmer
XSA0103 build btnSeraphim - Sinnve

Light Air Transports - Relatively large, lightly armored air units made for carrying slow land units where they need to go. They vary in appearance and carrying capacity.

UEA0107 build btnUEF - C-6 Courier
URA0107 build btnCybran - Skyhook
UAA0107 build btnAeon - Chariot
XSA0107 build btnSeraphim - Vish

Light Gunship - A unit unique to the Cybran Nation, the Jester light gunship provides an excellent tool for early base defense.

XRA0105 build btnCybran - Jester

Tech Level 2

Fighter/Bombers - Capable of both air and ground attack, these versatile aircraft mount heavy AA weapons as well as bombs (or missiles in the case of the Cybran one).

DEA0202 build btnUEF - Janus
DRA0202 build btnCybran - Corsair
XSA0202 build btnSeraphim - Notha

Combat Fighter - The Aeon answer to the Fighter/Bomber, the Swift Wind provides very good AA at T2 for the Aeon faction.

XAA0202 build btnAeon - Swift Wind

Torpedo Bombers - These bombers are anti-naval only, dropping ship-sinking torpedoes or depth charges.

UEA0204 build btnUEF - Stork
URA0204 build btnCybran - Cormorant
UAA0204 build btnAeon - Skimmer
XSA0204 build btnSeraphim - Uosioz

Gunships - A formidable close air support solution, gunships hover around, attacking ground forces in total impunity. That is until the flak shows up...

UEA0203 build btnUEF - Stinger
URA0203 build btnCybran - Renegade
UAA0203 build btnAeon - Specter
XSA0203 build btnSeraphim - Vulthoo

Air Transports - Heavier and a lot more durable than T1 transports, these also carry more units and are armed to defend their cargo (do not rely too much on them to defend themselves though...).

UEA0104 build btnUEF - C14 Star Lifter
URA0104 build btnCybran - Dragon Fly
UAA0104 build btnAeon - Aluminar
XSA0104 build btnSeraphim - Vishala

Guided Missile - A unique Aeon craft, essentially a flying suicide weapon.

DAA0206 build btnAeon - Mercy

Tech Level 3

Spy Planes - Extremely fast and agile aircraft with an Omni Sensor, designed to provide maximum intelligence coverage.

UEA0302 build btnUEF - SR90 Blackbird
URA0302 build btnCybran - Spook
UAA0302 build btnAeon - Seer
XSA0302 build btnSeraphim - Iaselen

Air-Superiority Fighters - Powerful, swift AA aircraft, designed to engage air threats of any kind.

UEA0303 build btnUEF - Wasp
URA0303 build btnCybran - Gemini
UAA0303 build btnAeon - Corona
XSA0303 build btnSeraphim - Iazyne

Strategic Bombers - Large, heavily armored bomber that drop devastating ordinance.

UEA0304 build btnUEF - Ambassador
URA0304 build btnCybran - Revenant
UAA0304 build btnAeon - Shocker
XSA0304 build btnSeraphim - Sinntha

Heavy Gunships - The epitome of close-air support, heavy gunships combine heavy weaponry with high armor. The Aeon version is a special AA gunship capable of holding off even the best of air units.

UEA0305 build btnUEF - Broadsword
XRA0305 build btnCybran - Wailer
XAA0305 build btnAeon - Restorer

Heavy Air Transport - This unique unit of the UEF provides the safest and most effective way to deliver important cargo/ a lot of cargo. The Continental is heavily armed, armored, and shielded to ensure maximum reliability and protection for it's cargo.

XEA0306 build btnUEF - Continental

Heavy Torpedo Bomber - The Aeon Solace, while not economically effective, can be useful when a more powerful and durable torpedo bomber is desired.

XAA0306 build btnAeon - Solace


  • XEA0002 build btnUEF - Novax Defense Satellite - A highly capable, stationary experimental which sends out a satelite traveling in orbit. This satelite can not be shot down and will only be destroyed if the station is destroyed.
  • URA0401 build btnCybran - Soul Ripper - A highly destructive, direct support experimental which can destroy entire T3 armies in a few moments or obliterate enemy AA trying to take it out.
  • UAA0310 build btnAeon - CZAR - The unit with the highest damage given by crashing in the game (10000/enough to destroy a stock Cybran Commander) and a highly destructive laser at it's center. Also features efficent AA.
  • XSA0402 build btnSeraphim - Ahwassa - Travels at a high speed and features a bomb capable of leveling entire bases. Also features good flak and good movement.
Aeon T3 Restorer AA Gunship

An example of an aircraft in Supreme Commander: the Aeon Restorer gunship.

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