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The Aeon weaponry generally has higher damage and lower AOE. They are all very function specific, excelling at what they do, but are very limited for other uses.

For example, their tech 1 mobile artillery have the best damage per second, excelling at destroying buildings, however, their low damage radius prevents their use against ground units, which is not the case of other faction's artillery.

Most of the Aeon weapons have a very low rate of fire, but high precision and high damage. Exceptions are the Oblivion Cannons, that have good AOE and high DPS on its higher versions, but also low DPS on the Infinity cruiser.

Please make sure you understand the terms T1, T2, T3, T4, Rate of fire (ROF), Damage per second (DPS), Damage radius, and Damage before reading this article.

Aeon Artillery tends to have a lower AOE than it's counterparts, but higher dps and accuracy, and sometimes have longer range than their counterparts, yet are usually more expensive than their counterparts.

Direct Fire[]

A Harbinger T3 Heavy Assault Bot fires its High Intensity Lasers

A damaged Beacon Class fires its Quantum Cannons at a surfaced UEF Tigershark.

An Exodus Class T2 Destroyer fires its Oblivion Cannon.

Disruptor Cannon[]

Used by the Aurora T1 Light Tank, it inflicts high damage compared to the other T1 tanks, but has slower rate of fire. It has good range and a good firing trajectory arc.

The Auroras can prove quite deadly in extreme numbers or on water maps. Due to it's high initial damage and extreme range for being a T1 unit it can be effective against both T1 and T2 units (such as UEF Riptide tanks) if microed correctly.

Graviton Projector[]

The Graviton Projector is used by the Erupter T1 Point Defense. It has a moderate rate of fire and does decent damage.

Heavy Disruptor Cannon[]

The signature weapon of the Sprite Striker T3 Sniper Bot, it has an incredible range of 70. It inflicts 1300 damage, making a group of 10 excellent for taking out exposed enemy ACUs, or sniping outlying, high value targets such as Mass Extractors or engineers constructing new Mass Extractors.

Light Laser[]

The Light Laser is used by the Spirit T1 Land Scout. It shares the same characteristics as all other scout weapons, aside from looking like a laser.

Quad Light Laser[]

An incredibly fast weapon that deals light damage per shot, but shoots with a extremly high Rate Of Fire. Used by the Specter T2 Gunship. Also used in a much heavier form on Restorer T3 AA Gunship. Used by the Specter (where it deals 65 DPS) and the Restorer (where it deals 160 DPS).

High Intensity Laser[]

A green laser bolt, used by Harbinger Mark IV T3 Heavy Assault Bot. It deals moderate damage. Made more powerful in Forged Alliance. It is a conventional direct-fire weapon, and unremarkable.

Oblivion Cannon[]

An extremely powerful weapon, the cannon fires a blue energy bolt that arcs as it heads towards its target. The Oblivion Cannon is slow to reload, and has a low muzzle velocity but makes up for it in damage per projectile. It takes its most powerful form on the Tempest Experimental Battleship, where each shot deals 6000 damage. The Oblivion Cannon is found on the Exodus T2 destroyer, the Omen T3 Battleship, the Oblivion T2 point defense and the Tempest Experimental Battleship.

Quantum Phaser[]

A devastating energy Ray used by the Galactic Colossus, fires as a continuous beam hitting any surface target forward and sidewards from the Colossus's Eye. It inflicts 2500 DPS.

Quantum Autoguns[]

These guns deal very light damage but fire 3 times a second, making it a powerful weapon on the battlefield. Used by the Blaze T2 Assault Tank. Excellent against T1 units.

Quantum Beam Generator[]

Main weapon of the CZAR Experimental Flying Fortress. Emits a large, blue laser of annihilation from the centre of the CZAR with a massive DPS of 3333.

Quantum Cannon[]

A powerful energy weapon, that is characterized by its high damage, low rate of fire, and range. Found on the Obsidian T2 Heavy Tank, Infinity Aeon T2 Cruiser and Beacon T1 Frigate. it has characteristics of the Oblivion cannon, though they are more moderated. As such it is applicable in similar situations.

Quantum Disruptor[]

The Quantum Disruptor is used by the Aeon Armored Command Unit. It has the same characteristics as all other ACU weapons, and it's Range and Damage radius can be upgraded.

Reacton Cannon[]

The Reacton Cannon is a weapon used by the Aeon T3 Support Command Unit. It is a direct fire weapon capable of firing one projectile per second. Each projectile does 200 damage. It can be upgraded with Reacton Refractor right arm upgrade to have area of effect damage of 4. Although the name of the weapon appears to be a misspelling of Reaction Cannon or Reactor Cannon, the name Reacton Cannon is the name of the weapon in the blueprint for the unit that uses it.

Shield Disruptor Cannon[]

The Shield Disruptor Cannon deals virtually no damage to enemy units themselves but deals huge damage to shields. It's effective at stripping enemy units of their shields for other units to finish off, or removing enemy base shields.

The Shield Disruptor Cannon is used by the Absolver T3 Shield Disruptor.

Sonic Pulsar[]

A gun mounted on the arms of the Flare T1 Light Assault Bot, fires a blue/green, fan-shaped ray at its target. Deals only 21 DPS but is still a considerable option for Commanders constructing a T1 army or making a Ghetto gunship. Has a low fire rate, but high individual shot damage.

Chrono Dampener[]

The Chrono Dampener is an upgrade to the Aeon ACU's main cannon that immobilizes units temporarily within a certain radius of each shot.


Graviton Bomb[]

A small, luminescent projectile that detonates in a radius of 4 and doing decent damage. Used by the Shimmer T1 Attack Bomber. It is notable in the fact that it briefly paralyzes enemy units, making it very useful vs T3 units.

Quark Bomb[]

A large, luminescent projectile that detonates in a radius of 4 and doing an excessive amount of damage. Also has a small amount of tracking ability. Used by the Shocker T3 Strategic Bomber.

Indirect Fire[]

An Emissary T3 Heavy Artillery Installation firing its Sonance Artillery.

The Salvation firing its Rapid-Fire Artillery Cannon at the Seraphim base.

Concussion Artillery[]

Used by the Fervor T1 Mobile Light Artillery. It fires fast for an artillery cannon, and still has a reasonably high damage. However, its area damage radius is negligible, and it's inaccuracy makes it unsuitable for attacking units. Its exceptionally high fire rate should be used for attacking buildings, as opposed to defending against attacks.

Miasma Artillery Shell[]

The most powerful T2 artillery shell, has perfect accuracy, and inflicts 2875 damage per shot. It also deals damage over time. The Miasma T2 Artillery Installation is perfect for bombarding an opponents base, but is mediocre at base defense.

Quantum Warhead[]

Used by the Apocalypse, Aeon's T3 Strategic Missile Launcher.

Serpentine Missile[]

Used by the Evensong T2 Mobile Missile Launcher and the Serpentine T2 tactical missile launcher.

Sonance Artillery Shell[]

An incredibly powerful weapon, used by the Emissary T3 Heavy Artillery Installation and Serenity T3 Mobile Heavy Artillery. Deals out excessive damage, making it utterly devastating when used en mass.

Rapid-Fire Artillery Cannon[]

The Rapid-Fire Artillery Cannon is used by the Salvation T3 Rapid-Fire Artillery Installation. It fires a single shot that splinters in two stages near the target, carpeting the area with dozens of - low damage, high area of effect - shells. It is highly effective at attacking clusters of units, but still useful at attacking a base.

Serpentine Tactical Missile Rack[]

The Serpentine Tactical Missile Rack is used by the Torrent Class T3 Missile Ship. It fires in salvos of 10 and can easily devastate an enemy base.


Several units fire their Sonic Pulse Batteries (unsuccessfully so far) at a Stork.

Displacement Cannon[]

The Displacement Cannon is used by the Corona T3 Air-Superiority Fighter. It is considered one of the best ASF weapons, with high initial damage.

Fizz Launcher[]

The Fizz launcher launches a blob that explodes at the intended altitude into a distorting fizz that causes damage to nearby units. This weapon typically has a large damage radius, making it especially effective against tight groups of aircraft. When groups of gunships are sent to attack a target they will cluster in a ring around the target, making them especially vulnerable to the Fizz Launcher and other Flak style AA. Used by the Ascendant T2 Mobile AA Artillery, the Marr T2 AA Artillery, and the CZAR Experimental Flying Fortress.

Light Displacement Missile[]

The Light Displacement Missile is used by the Swift Wind T2 Combat Fighter. Being a missile, it tracks its target.

Sonic Pulse Battery[]

The Sonic Pulse Battery is the Aeon's form of basic AA. It fires small green projectiles. The Sonic Pulse Battery is used by the Shard T1 Attack Boat, the Seeker T1 AA turret, the Aluminar T2 Transport, the Conservator T1 Interceptor, and the Thistle T1 Mobile AA.

Zealot AA Missile[]

The Zealot AA Missile is the Aeon's form of heavy AA. It's a white missile that has a green tracer and does heavy damage to a single aircraft. Units that carry the Zealot AA Missile are the Transcender T3 AA SAM Launcher, Restorer T3 AA Gunship, CZAR Experimental Flying Fortress, Infinity T2 Cruiser, and the Keefer T3 Aircraft Carrier.

Naval Weaponry[]

Torpedo Cluster[]

The Torpedo Cluster is used by the Solace T3 Torpedo Bomber. Unlike it's Tech 2 counterpart, which is a depth charge, this is a torpedo and is thus vulnerable to torpedo defenses. It does, however, deal a large amount of damage.

Chrono Torpedo[]

The standard torpedoes used by the Aeon. The Chrono Torpedo launches a medium damage torpedo and is intended primarily for attacking. Units with this weapon are not generally as effective at self-defense as other torpedo systems due to it's low ROF.

The Chrono Torpedo is used by the Sylph T1 Attack Submarine, Tide T1 torpedo launcher, Wave Break T2 torpedo launcher, the Exodus T2 destroyer, and the Vesper T2 Submarine Hunter.

Heavy Chrono Torpedo[]

The stronger version of Chrono Torpedo is used by the Tempest Experimental Battleship.

Harmonic Depth Charge[]

The Harmonic Depth Charge is the only depth charge in use. It has a low muzzle velocity and a low ROF, but it can home in on its target, granting it a high accuracy.

It functions much like a Torpedo, but is immune to anti-torpedo weapons. However, unlike torpedoes, they can hit the seafloor.

Three units are equipped with this weapon: The Skimmer T2 Torpedo Bomber, the Exodus T2 destroyer, and the CZAR Experimental Flying Fortress.


Will O Wisp Anti Missile[]

The Will-o'-Wisp is one of the best Anti-missiles in existence. Instead of shooting down the missile it redirects it with a Flare. This counters the Cybran splitter missile. The Will-o'-Wisp can also take out several missiles at once. It does however have lower effective range. The closer it is to the front of a base, the more effective it is. It can be found on Volcano T2 Tactical Missile Defense, Infinity T2 Cruiser and Omen T3 Battleship.

Quasar Anti Torpedo[]

A smart depth charge that homes in on incoming torpedoes, is equivalent to the average torpedo defense. Used by the Beacon T1 Frigate, the Tempest Experimental Battleship and the Exodus T2 destroyer.

Saint Anti Nuke[]

This is an nuke defense used by the Patron T3 Strategic Missile Defense. It is the most powerful defense, and can stop 5 nukes, one after the other.


Tractor Claw[]

Weapon carried by the Galactic Colossus. It uses gravitation technology to generate a tractor beam. When firing, enemies are pulled in by the tractor beam and instantly destroyed. The beam's power is limited, however, as it can pull only T1, T2 and T3 units. This can be a disadvantage when fighting Loyalists, as each time it kills one, it will get stunned by the EMP. However, it can also prove very advantageous when pulling in critical units such as a mobile shield or an armoured assault bot, as it ensures a one-hit KO in no time.

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